Here Comes a Full Moon

Date: March 1, 2018

We have a full Moon in Virgo hitting today.  Virgo is about assimilation, health and efficiency. Get rid of what you don’t need in your diet. Take a good look at how you can trim the fat in every area of your life. “Less is more” is a Virgo phrase. Use this as your guiding principal as you decide what you don’t need in your emotional life right now. Full Moons have the potential to shine a flood light on what needs tweaking. It’ll be uncomfortable for many with that flood of fish energy on the opposing side. With Venus, Mercury, the Sun and Neptune all in Pisces, I’ve used that abundance of fishy water to get healthy in the pool. The Virgo Moon wants you to take care of yourself, but don’t waste all of your time on it or it’ll never last. Love your imperfections and remember- you are as perfect as you can be in this moment. Be kind to yourselves.