How I Entered This Dimension

Date: March 1, 2018

Astrology started out as an interest for me in my teens. A friend brought the giant Encyclopedia of Astrology to school one day, and over the next few weeks, in our spare time, we manually calculated our astrological charts. I don’t know how we did, but we had gotten them right. What I learned about myself then was fun and interesting and a little enlightening. I read things about myself that made sense, and made me feel less of a star shaped peg in a triangular hole –  it resonated. Four years later I saw a professional astrologer. In that hour, I cried, I laughed, and I felt understood for the first time ever – I was hooked.

Over the next 25 years my career was as a hairstylist, so I had a captive audience in the gathering of astrological information. I noticed patterns in Sun signs I’d never read in books, so I knew there had to be much more I didn’t know yet. When the time came to make a career shift I thought “what am I passionate about that won’t feel like work?” The answer was Astrology. My next thought was “I need a sign to confirm this idea.” (That may seem “woo woo”, but it was a big shift and I needed some reassurance I was making a good choice.) No sooner did that idea leave my brain then popped in the thought “I wonder if there are any local conferences or events coming up?” I immediately looked online and found that the annual Alberta Astrological Conference was in 10 days. I easily booked a space and a room and thought “well there ya go then…you wanted a sign.”

I had taken a series of Astrology courses locally, and felt very confident in my skills, but as I sat through the 2 days in Red Deer, Alberta one thing became abundantly clear- I knew much less than I thought about this vast and glorious language, and I was dying to sink my teeth right into more of it. That conference was 5 years ago and since that weekend I have taken numerous courses , finished certifications, attended several national and international conferences and immersed myself in this amazing practice.

I love the different way I get to associate with people now, and although doing people’s hairdos  is a fine way to  relate and make a living, this new interaction feels more like a purpose and calling and it surprises, amazes and delights me everyday. I look forward to translating this language for you.