A Whole Lotta Steam

Date: March 15, 2018

We’re coming into an active weekend astrologically. We’ve been busy for the last couple of weeks with Jupiter having gone retrograde and Venus and Mercury moving into feisty Aries. These changes are being punctuated by a New Moon perfecting Saturday morning in these here parts. This New Moon has the Sun and Moon connecting with Chiron in the end degrees of Pisces, it’s time to set intentions involving what you’ve learned from having empathy, setting limits (boundaries) and listening to your intuition. Trusting in the flow of life and having faith you’re in the right place doing what you’re supposed to do is the message. Connected to Chiron, we must have this faith and trust regardless – or in spite of – how we may have been hurt in the past. Having Mercury and Venus joined in Aries says to do life with conviction and in your own way. Be brave. Having Jupiter, the ruler of Pisces, retrograde and in Scorpio honor any deep need for spiritual connection uncover the mysteries that may hold you back and let go.
Send out unconditional love and forgiveness and see what comes back to you. Be kind to yourselves.