Curb Your Enthusiasm

Date: March 22, 2018

We’re in that time of year again. Mercury is stationing and about to enter its retrograde cycle. Mercury is in the sign of Aries which can be impulsive and quick thinking. It’s not long on memory, but quick with an idea. Emotional reactions may seem out of proportion to the situation. Some people will feel like their verbal filter is more like a sieve with things flying past your teeth faster than you can put the brakes on. I predict some back pedaling in some of our futures. There is a need to think before we speak at this time and it will not be easy, therefor this period will be marked with arguments and apologies. There will be times during this 4 week period where all of this can lead to productivity and necessary change, so look for ways to use this energy to move you forward at the end of the cycle.

We may be short on momentum in this time with lots of start and not so much finish, and we’ll find it hard to keep our train of thought. If you’ve given birth to an original idea, now’s the time to fine tune before presenting it to the appropriate audience. We’re still living with Jupiter, our planet of expansion and optimism, retrograde, so if something seems too good to be true, it just may be. You might be itching for change, but do a thorough investigation before leaping.  This is the beginning of the Astro year and spring in our hemisphere, so we’re generally ready to burst forward. Wait a few weeks- do your due diligence and avoid rash decisions. Things will be seen more clearly after April 17th.

Even though it feels like a time for change, proceed with knowledge and clear thinking and tame any unabashed enthusiasm (there’ll be a better time for that later). Do strive to be original, productive, and reductive. Most importantly, be patient with yourself and others and remember – breathe.