Through the Fog

Date: June 1, 2018

Photo by Alexandru-Bogdan Ghita

I was running my usual scan of Apps yesterday- Instagram, Twitter and Facebook- and saw a few references to this lovely grand water trine we were experiencing. This happens when we have planets at or close to the same degree and in all the signs of an element. So we can have grand Water, Fire, Earth or Air trines. Right now we have Venus in Cancer, Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces.

A friend had texted and mentioned how lovely this planetary energy was and I replied that it felt sad. “It’s like there’s all this promise, but since Venus aspects an unhappy Jupiter -people are grasping at straws of hope it feels like, and then Venus trines Neptune and the hope/inspiration floats away like a beautiful smoke image: like a Patronus. It gets closest to perfecting at the tail end of this full Moon phase which is desperate to hold on to the light…but I may be imprinting.”

I kind of was. Two of the planets involved-Jupiter and Neptune- are in difficult houses and Venus was all happy in the house of fun and indulgence, so I ate and lazed around. The points to this tail? There are 2. Wonderful aspects that don’t perfect can lead to false hope, and how they interact with your own personal astrology is key. So if you read something astrological that seems not to fit for you, remember all charts are not created equal. And, if your a watery person with this element on strong houses in your chart, enjoy the creativity and intuitive insights this can bring. P.S. being sad is OK and resting is good. Be kind to yourself.