Please Release Me

Date: June 18, 2018

I’ve mentioned before, the current astrological influences have been hard on some of us.  I had a particularly crappy week. No energy, no motivation, and a splash of self loathing- it’s been super fun. I finally realized the culprit again was Neptune (ok, not just Neptune, but God that guy drives me nuts). I’ve been watching it slowly creep up on my ascendant degree- your ascendant is what you project out to the world. Mine is Pisces, so I’m already a little hazy to people some times. I’m also very empathic. Neptune is a psychic-y planet and in Pisces it’s magnified, so I’ve been fascinated and terrified about what the conjunction to my ascendant will bring in April 2020. Perhaps I’ll become a shape-shifter, or just disappear in a puff of my own hot air.

I was so fixated on my ascendant, I overlooked the fact the it was making a hard aspect to my natal Mars. Mars is the drive in our chart. It pushes us (or pulls us) to where we are going- for good or ill. It’s passion, competitive drive and mines in Sagittarius, so for me it’s inspiration. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and my Jupiter is being aspected by Saturn. Imagine kids skipping down the street laughing and joyous about where they’re going, and out hobbles a cranky old man screaming “be quiet you #@*%&#* brats” totally sucking the joy from their spirits. Well Jupiter’s the kids and Saturn’s the old man, and all of it feels like a giant wet coma blanket telling me to get off my ass. but not letting me up.

Jupiter in my natal chart is ruled by (disposited by) Venus in Leo, so here’s the glimmer: Venus is in Leo right now and it’s twirling lavishly through my house of creativity. It’s strange, being inspired by a complete sense of uninspiredness. With this Venus activity there’s an underlying whisper of creativity lifting me to do something- I may also need to go get a facial this week…just sayin. These are some interesting transits, so be kind to yourselves- don’t let that screaming old man get to you. xo