Inaugural Horoscopes

Date: June 21, 2018

Happy Solstice! If you’re in the north you’re enjoying the years longest day, and if you’re in the south you are gifted with the knowledge that from today the light is increasing. Enjoy my first set of Consult the Sky horoscopes as my solstice gift. XO 

Cancer- This is your time of year! Enjoy the Sun beaming through your sign. There may be more emotional introspection than even you care to partake in right now. With your responsibilities glaring at you from across the room, now is a good time to reassess how to approach being a grown-up. I know it’s very tempting to escape under the covers with a liter of ice cream to binge watch something utterly distracting, but that decision will bite you in the butt down the line. Trust me, re-framing how you want to be a responsible adult will have pay offs later. Wonderful solar return to you and may you have an unforgettable year! Be committed.

Leo- It feels a lot like grid lock in your life, or you could feel like you’re being pulled to the four corners. Either way, picking a direction to work on things is your challenge. Escaping into romantic fantasies will be very appealing, and that’s not the worst way you could use your energy, but don’t runaway from the past if it feels like it’s chasing you- it won’t work. Use this incredibly fixed time to stand your ground. Get rid of old habits and beliefs that no longer serve you, and make a conscious decision to embrace and let out your inner weirdo. This act of defiance will set you free. Be freaky.

Virgo- I know…if only the fog would clear, you could get things done and wipe your list clean. It’s hard because those pesky emotions keep seeping in. You’re worried you’ve made the wrong choices, and whenever the mist clears a bit, you’re smacked with a dose of self-doubt. Getting those emotions out will help. Write your feelings down or just say them out loud- this will help. Go hang out with friends and, every once in a while, give yourself permission to be a mere mortal. Being super human is a lot of work. Be social.

Libra- It’s a good time to put yourself out there socially. Don’t be afraid to be the center of attention for the next couple of weeks. Old lovers or desires could resurface to haunt you. This is a chance to see how far you’ve come and to know which parts of your life you need not return to. If it’s necessary, forgive yourself- you were young. Forgive them too. That doesn’t mean that things that hurt you are acceptable. It’s just what’s best for YOU. You and your heart will go on, so concentrate on being your best and be true to yourself. Be discerning.

Scorpio- What has expanded in your world since October? If you have Scorpio as your ascendant sign, it might be your butt. That’s OK- you’re being given a chance to re-examine how you treat your body. Scorpios are being challenged in how you handle being confronted by your deepest fears and secrets. You’re usually just fine with all of that, but some things may seem bigger than you can handle. Don’t tackle it all at once. Take one challenge at a time. Don’t be afraid to expand your ideas and experience, but if it has been a literal expansion, approach the problem by adding way more healthy stuff to your life rather than focusing on restricting yourself. Be inspired.

Sagittarius- This could be a heavy time for you. That’s not your favorite state of being so you could be crankier and more outspoken than usual. Or, you could do the opposite and hide away to keep from biting your tongue right off. If you have Sagittarius rising, issues with siblings or neighbors may come rumbling back into your life. If it all gets to be too much, do some yoga or run off to a far away land physically or even just mentally. Things will start moving forward by the end of July, so any constipation (mental, physical or spiritual) will be resolved then. Be patient.

Capricorn – You may feel like you’re experiencing a re-birth. There’s a weird mix of movement and stagnation and in some ways it’s pretty tense for everyone right now, but Capricorns don’t tend to take other people’s stuff personally, so you might feel alone in transition. This re-birth could feel freeing or scary and it’s at least periodically uncomfortable because empathy may be required; but overall- you really like who you’re becoming. If this isn’t true, dig deep and figure out which part of you is afraid of the changes. Spend some time assessing how to feel good about this new you and enact an action plan. Be open.

Aquarius – This too shall pass. Just tell yourself that when you need it. There’s a lot coming at you, and the world around you is changing. There’s a feeling of losing control, and although you act all free and open, you are still a fixed sign who doesn’t like change you’re not in charge of. If you’re looking for a way to feel better about it all, volunteer somewhere that could use your help. If you feel you’re contributing something positive to the world, the pressure will release from other areas of your life. You’re being asked to re-evaluate how you’ve been responsible for your current situation and whether you have any emotional growing to do. Be brave.

While floating along in a stream of murky emotions, try swimming to shore. Grounding yourself will help lift you from the fog. You will start moving forward in a few weeks, so spend them making sure your emotions are clear to you. If necessary- get what you have to say off your chest. Apologize or rant and clear all the emotional gunk out. If getting emotionally clear means purging some friends, do it. Work on those psychic and emotional boundaries- this will help you clearly see who you need around you and who needs to be removed from your life. Be strong.

Aries – You may be feeling testier than usual. Emotions are running amok and you don’t know what to do with it all. People and issues from the past may have reignited and you’re not sure you have the strength or perspective to attack them in a healthy way. If you have kids, enjoy them. If not, find a childish way to connect to your creativity. Alternatively, losing yourself in romance may be appealing. Just make sure that it doesn’t have some unhealthy past emotional garbage attached to it. Things have the potential to boil over around the 4th of July- try to breath through it. It’s a good time to reconnect with old friends to distract and heal. Be playful.

There’s lots of fixed tension right now, and the tone of the sky is generating more activity and shifts than you like. This is internal shifting so you’re being challenged to re-assess who you are as an individual, and you’ll most likely be triggered from every side like an elastic band trying not to snap and break. Something needs to change, and change is not your favorite thing, especially if you feel like it’s moving too fast. Putting hard work into a project you’d previously abandoned will give you the opportunity to clear your thoughts while being productive. Maybe the changes will happen without you noticing. Be flexible.

You are not feeling very comfortable right now. There’s much water flooding the sky and that means lots of emotions.  The only planet in air is Mars in Aquarius. It’s fixed and about to turn retrograde so it’s not the free wheeling air that feeds you. You could experience uncomfortable nostalgia and your brain will seem fuzzy- at least not as sharp as you’re used to. If you have a lot of Gemini in your chart, this will not feel good and you could find yourself very frustrated with yourself and others. You may feel uncomfortable in your own brain. Try getting something done you’ve been putting off. Short trips to do something imaginative or to enjoy the Sun will facilitate the escape you need. Be creative.