Hard Work Ahead

Date: June 27, 2018

Tonight’s full Moon is in Capricorn with the Sun in Cancer. Because of the Moon’s proximity to Saturn and it being the last planet the Moon has made contact with, not to mention the Moon is in Saturn’s sign, what we’re looking at are issues around responsibilities,  competency, hard work and accountability. Well- we’re not just looking at them casually when there’s that much energy in the same place it’s more like an urgent cry for attention in these areas of life and also in our character.

We’ve been reevaluating these things in our lives since Saturn stationed during the second week of April. What the full Moon brings is clarity around what needs to go out of our lives to be more able to move into these Saturnian qualities effectively. I know this doesn’t sound fun, especially at the beginning of summer, but embracing it will allow the coming months…hell years…to run more smoothly. Getting the work done IS what will make you feel better.

We will have 5 planets in different stages of their retrograde cycles for the better part of the summer, so moving forward quickly will be difficult. This is a time to re-order your life. Say goodbye to things that you’ve outgrown and purge what you don’t need. Thankfully Jupiter starts moving forward next month and will trine Neptune again. The nice thing about that energy: there will be daydreaming, escaping and imbibing to be had- just try really hard to take care of what needs tending to in your life and don’t spend the summer escaping what needs your attention. The other side of that full Moon is the Sun in Cancer, so remember to nurture, empathize and take care of yourself and others.