Date: July 12, 2018

This evening we have a New Moon and solar eclipse, with the Sun and Moon together in Cancer. This new Moon is more intense since the Sun and Moon directly oppose Pluto. There’s a pull to balance power and fragility, and the key is letting go of the belief that the two are mutually exclusive. The power in fragility is what we are being asked to work with and respect. There is a defining quality to this moment in time for all of us with the Moon’s nodal axis standing still. Take time to stand in it- are your actions and beliefs in line with your goals and desires. Find what nourishes your soul and set intentions around that. We are letting things go, or should be, as we work to elevate ourselves beyond our current incarnation.

Transformation is not comfortable but is necessary to take us to the next step. Thankfully, Jupiter is starting to move forward again, so the light has been lit and it’s easier to see the way. Be brave and step into it. If you’re overwhelmed with a feeling of  moving on, examine it and figure out what to do about it. We are looking specifically at personal power and moving out of a chrysalis stage of change into a more whole and beautiful iteration of ourselves. Set goals and intentions around self care and transformation. Take a good look at how you nurture and nourish yourself and those you love. This is an opportunity to move into something more beautiful and expressive. There’s a fragility in you to acknowledge and honor- do that. Ask yourself – “what do I need to set in motion to be able to walk into my power?” Be kind to yourself. XO