Lose Yourself

Date: August 2, 2018

July is wrapped up, and it left some of us with messy emotional stuff. August will bring in some relief and resolution, but only if you’re putting in the effort. The eclipse may have dug up some really intense emotional sludge and the New Moon later in the month will provide the opportunity for you to create a plan to move out of it. Use what you’ve learned to create some wonderful change in your life, but I’ll say more about that closer to the 11th.

Spontaneous outbursts of emotion or anger will ease up in the next few days, just know that anything that goes unresolved may come back to haunt you mid-September when Mars is moving forward and makes the same aspect to Uranus as it’s been making for the last 3 days. If approached from a healthy place, this can be an opportunity to put an emotional hurt around your individuality and independence to rest.

By Monday, Venus will be in her happy place. The social scene will ramp up and there’s fun to be had by all if you choose it. Keep in mind there’s still room for ego bruising and spitting out words you can’t take back, but things will run smoother as this month moves forward. We have a beautiful aspect between Jupiter and Neptune that will leave many of us feeling groovy. Venus and Jupiter are indulgent and love to imbibe, and Neptune wants us to escape. Neptune rules the things in life we love to escape to- movies, music, poetry… you get the picture, so I was happy to see the coming month since I’ll be at a music festival next weekend, and if you can- I’d suggest you do something similar this month: we’ll have some great astro conditions for such events. Whatever you decide to do, there’s a good chance it will be indulgent…let it happen. We are influenced by this energy for the month- so enjoy! On the flip side, Saturn is still cracking the whip so a work hard/ play hard situation may be what people find themselves in. Mars will join the push to work hard around the time of the eclipse and by the end of the month things will be moving forward again. Take opportunities for fun and escape when you can, and be kind to yourself.