The Force is Real

Date: August 10, 2018


If you haven’t heard- Eclipse/new Moon this weekend! This is a last chance to let go of that foolish pride, and figure out how your ego is standing in your way. New Moon’s are for planting seeds, so decide what you want and be prepared to do the work necessary to make it a reality. In the next weeks planets will start moving forward again, as will our lives, so having a plan will maximize the benefits of the coming shift. If you’re feeling anxious, just breath and remind yourself that you’re the best you can be in that moment. Ask for help when you need it, and if your job and life plan don’t involve bringing about world peace, remind yourself of that when things don’t go perfectly.

There’s a distinct Venus vibe to this New Moon as it’s happening on her day, during her hour and she is the strongest planet at the time of the New Moon, so there is a feeling of indulgence and with Jupiter and Neptune playing kissy face, escaping for pleasure is a real pull now. But, Jupiter is making a hard aspect to the new Moon and Venus is getting a hard time from Saturn, so the escapism won’t come without guilt. Enjoy, but don’t put off what has to be done- knocking stuff off your list will feel more fulfilling anyway- remember: one can always purge and make lists and plans while drinking a glass of wine, and after you’ve had your pedicure/facial/massage. Take care of yourselves.