Here We Go!

Date: August 27, 2018

What a busy weekend- astrologically speaking. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t sleep a wink past 4 AM. When I looked at the aspects for today I realized that’s right about the time the Moon was passing over Neptune in Pisces. I would normally interpret that as vivid and abstract dreams that feel really prophetic, and maybe this is how you experienced it. For me it was quite different: I have task master Saturn making a hard Aspect to my natal Uranus and Mercury. Mercury rules our thinking and Saturn reminds us (in my case incessantly these days) what we need to be doing. So, the lucidity of that Moon/Neptune combination was taken over by obsessive worry and mental self flagellation. The up swing is that I was up much earlier than usual, did laundry, dishes and wrote a blog post all before 8 AM.

We had a full Moon yesterday and Mars is getting ready to move forward again, so there’s a feeling of anticipation- for some people it’s a revving of their engines. Saturn and Uranus are making an easy aspect to each other, but not necessarily to the planets in your chart. What these planets are asking us to do is embody our individuality while still coloring within the lines. Finding the balance here is tough because the 2 ideas don’t go together, but this trine aspect is providing the opportunity to harmonize these concepts. This is a time you can figure out a productive way to work around the rules to make something happen, and revisit what you ARE and are NOT responsible for. Your New Moon wishes and inspirations can be realized now. The key is in the details. Be realistic about how far you can run with this ball, whether it’s an idea, a promise, or goals you set for yourself, put the work in now, and although you may need to make adjustments, the rewards will come.

It’s a strange time creating an uncomfortable mix of hesitant optimism and anxiety. Do what needs to be done, pat yourself on the back once in a while and be kind to yourself.