A New You

Date: September 5, 2018

This is a big week astrologically.

We have a few bodies changing signs, Saturn’s moving forward and a New Moon on Sunday. New Moon’s are a time to set goals and intentions- so 12:01 PM MST is the time to consciously make a plan. But what should you plan? The Sun and Moon will be in Virgo when they meet. The ruler of Virgo is Mercury which is also in Virgo, and the asteroid Pallas has just moved into Virgo- that’s some Goddess energy happening right there. At the time of the New Moon Venus will have just moved into Scorpio and will be opposing Uranus while Pallas, Saturn ad Uranus will be forming a grande trine at 2 degrees of the earth signs. The other player is Pluto making a nice aspect to the Sun and Moon. So what does all that mean for you?
All of that Virgo is having you look at your health, how you take care of yourself, your diet. She also wants you to be efficient and committed. Virgo wants you to get some systems in place to be better able to create a healthy life. The Sun and Moon are setting up the opportunity to start fresh, Mercury is opening up communication to yourself and others around the issues you want to face and/or tackle while Pallas can help you find the patterns you need to unearth to heal yourself. Virgo wants you to look at who you are on your own- if this doesn’t look sustainable to you, what changes would you have to make to be a strong independent Goddess (remember, there is a Goddess in all of us no matter what society tells us).
Venus moving from Libra to Scorpio has us shifting from light and fluffy cordiality to examining our values and desires more deeply. Who we are romantically may be challenged. With Venus in Scorpio opposing Uranus, there needs to be a balance between deep emotional connection and maintaining your individuality.
Saturn is telling you that it’s time to put in the work, while Mars at a critical degree, is kinda screaming at us to get it done. The combined planetary energy can be anxiety causing, leaving us with a lot of guilt of what we haven’t gotten done while we all felt so sluggish this summer. Jupiter is no longer partying with Neptune so something we may have to revamp are all the escapist behaviours we probably perfected over the summer.
This New Moon is presenting us with the opportunity to create a plan and set ourselves up with small attainable steps we can continue on doing for a long time. Make sure you’ve gone over the details of your plan- Virgo insists on it. This is time for us to take better care of ourselves, and we’re being given the astrological tools to attain our goals. At the very least, this is a chance to look critically at what our lives look like and make a promise to do our very best for ourselves. With Pluto trining the New Moon we are being blessed with the opportunity to transform. Take it and be kind to yourselves.