Remember to Play!

Date: September 24, 2018


It’s full Moon time again and it comes on the heels of the Sun moving into Libra. We had the start of Fall this past weekend in the northern hemisphere, but where I live, you’d have thought it was winter, and yes, I’m bitter about it. Astrologically speaking it’s an interesting time. Eight key points, planets and a comet are all at early degrees- between 0 and 5- so if you have key placements in your chart at early degrees you may feel very overwhelmed at this time. Because all of these things are in different elements and modalities the energy will be quite different depending on your individual chart. This can also be a very energized time. Overall there’s a call to action though, and the pressure to answer it could be stealing your sleep among other things that rejuvenate and bring health. Some of us may be plagued by issues from the past begging to be examined and resolved, while others are being pushed to work harder than they’ve had to or even wanted to in quite a while.

How does the full Moon fit in do you ask?

The Moon is in Aries and it’s conjunct a comet, Chiron. Many astrologers look to Chiron to see what soul wounds we carry with us. The Sun is on the other side in Libra and it’s conjunct Mercury. The Aries/Libra opposition is about the individual versus relationship/other and it asks us to find the balance between the two. Where we may be pulled right now to make others happy, being social and worrying about the social aspects of life, but the healing through the Moon and Chiron is found in child like enthusiasm, play and adventure. When Mercury is that close to the Sun, communication may lack or be confused, so when we’re dealing with relationship we may not be feeling heard or understood. During this full Moon we are being asked to lead rather than follow, but the balance is found in not alienating others- being so self-absorbed as to fracture relationships, while standing up for ourselves and our independence.

This is an excellent time to look at issues of co-dependency. Inspire others through your willingness to take a chance. With Saturn making a square to all of these planets and a comet, hard work is unavoidable, but the healing is in how you take care of yourself and others.

Be kind to yourselves.