Full Moon Mash-Up

Date: October 23, 2018

This is an incredible Full Moon. The Moon is in a sign it loves to be in. The Sun has Venus attached to it,  while the Moon is with Uranus. These four are creating a square to the lunar nodes. To have the planetary ruler of the Moon involved in this special lunation phase magnifies the directive. Change is inevitable, so how can you weather it? First of all, like all full Moons- let go. This one carries extra punch. People have been hanging on for dear life ever since Uranus went into Taurus back in May. All the repressed energy of the many retrograde planets in the summer let us ignore the shifts that were coming, and since those planets went direct, we’ve all been too busy to put much thought into what life has in store for us, but the time is here. We can’t ignore the changes happening around us, in our lives, in our politics, and in our world. This is a wake up call to let go of what’s not working. It involves our values, possessions, and relationships to ourselves and others. We need to embrace our inner value our possessions to express who we are.

The past hasn’t worked, it’s time to try things yet untried. Release rigid behaviors and beliefs and learn flexibility and generosity. We must surrender our ego attachment to the outcome. Make changes without obsessing over how they’ll turn out. I promise, things won’t unfold how you planned, but if you allow flexibility and don’t attach your self worth to the outcome, they will be even better than you imagined. If you have secrets or repressed desires, this full Moon and Uranus conjunction might have a blurting or explosive effect. so get ahead of issues, rather than succumbing to the pressure of pushing things deep deep down. Something or someone from your past may come forward to allow you to release some old garbage. Do it- it’ll be like doing a life cleanse, letting go of old shit that’s kept you backed up. If you can discharge the fear of change, what you make room for will be a gift rather than a curse. Embrace your individuality and strive to find the positive in tough situations if possible, but also, allow yourself the tough emotions- figure out where they are coming from and let them go. Be kind to yourselves and happy earth Moon.