Venus Retrograde Says- Competition is for Suckers

Date: November 3, 2018

I listened to a webinar put together by an organization for astrologers. It was well over a month ago- long before Venus went into its retrograde cycle. The topic was building your online presence or something of the sort. The presenter was Nadiya Shah, a YouTube Astrological power house and Goddess extraordinaire. I’m going to paraphrase, but my take away was be yourself, you’re the only one who’s offering what you have to offer if you’re authentic, and if you’re true to this, there’s no such thing as competition…there’s no other you.

When I was a hair stylist I practiced this. I never understood salons lying to clients when staff left, or trying to sabotage staff who moved on. In the end clients make their own decisions about what they need when and who they want to work with, no matter what the industry.

I hadn’t applied it to my new career in astrology. I found myself worried about keeping up with others, or feeling like I had nothing special to offer, but the webinar really shifted my perception. It was what I needed to hear in the moment. What clicked for me is when Nadiya said “when we compete, we are operating from a place of lacking.” This is a conversation I have often with clients when we talk about Jupiter and one’s ability to manifest. Manifesting isn’t inherently positive. So, if your mental loop is usually about what you don’t have and how hard everything is, that is how it’ll go. Her words were a slap in the forehead. But it wasn’t until this last few weeks while were deep into this Venus phase that it sunk in and took hold.

I hate feeling like a hypocrite, so this needed to change…

So here’s the take away- perfect for Venus retrograde.  Of course I have something to offer. WE ALL DO. I will support my community in any way I can. I want us all to thrive and succeed and the abundance well is not finite. Love yourself- know your value- share as much as possible. Be kind to yourselves.