Jupiter Comes Home

Date: November 6, 2018

This week is going to feel weird. Jupiter is going into it’s own sign and that’s a good thing. It brings optimism, idealism, but also loud opinions and subjectivity. It will have the potential to be lighter for sure, but with three planets in their own signs it will feel like different areas of life are fighting for attention. With Mercury in Sadge as well, it may be a case of who ever’s the loudest wins.

What’s more is that the lunar nodes that have been in hard aspect to Uranus in fixed signs, which has brought a stale mate in people planting their feet in terms of who deserves their individual rights more than anyone else. It has lead to some real social grossness.

Since those three things appear be moving backwards and about to change signs and modalities, we will see action, but in a backwards way. Decisions will be reversed, old ways will be reinstated and we may resurrect old beliefs and behaviors. If you feel yourself resorting to your old ways to feel better, you will probably regret this shift.

No matter how any of us manage this time, change is a comin’. Hopefully some people can rediscover their humanity. As for the rest of us, we need to be kind, thoughtful and listen, but don’t take anyone’s crap. Stand up for yourself and others with dignity and grace, and if you do stick your foot in your mouth- remove it and proceed with empathy. Be kind to yourselves.