New Moon Magic and Mayhem

Date: December 6, 2018

The New Moon phase is about beginnings. Now’s a good time to make a wish and then a plan to make the wish come true. Daydreaming may feel right, but too much of anything can get you into trouble. It’s time to go deep to reexamine long held ideological beliefs. Are they serving you?

It’s an emotional time, and yet, Saturn is still cracking the whip reminding us the clock is ticking, so putting in the hard work is still part of the planetary message. The potential for over reacting and misreading situations is high. Instead of fighting the intense emotions by reacting unreasonable or perhaps, masking them with your escape of choice (i.e. booze, drugs, TV, video games…) meditate on them, or try a healthy endorphin rush like exercise. There’s an incredible potential for creativity and spiritual awakening, but the process isn’t always comfortable, although necessary. Socially, we’re being challenged all the time right now, so being clear about what you believe and why you believe it is important.

Another potentiality with the current stellar combinations is deception. Part of the planetary energies are fighting to unearth harsh reality, while another planetary pair is trying to escape from it. At the same time the Sun and the Moon are in Sagittarius a sign notorious for having strong ideological opinions, while Jupiter- the ruler of Sadge is in its own sign making this energy stronger. You can hear this combination in the bogus political ads we’re starting to hear in Alberta. It’s all a lot of voices who think they’re right, but have no substance to back up their loud opinions.

So- enjoy the holiday parties, avoid ideological bullying and enjoy the people you love. Listen to your encouraging inner voice, the people you love and the voices that are saying what you need to hear right  now- just because you don’t like what people have to say doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hear them. The best thing you can do for yourself is be thoughtful- with your words, your gestures and yourself.