Happy Solstice and Full Moon!!

Date: December 21, 2018


The full Moon is on us tomorrow but today is the Winter Solstice in this neck of the woods. Living in the northern part of the northern hemisphere, today is one of the best days of the year because it means the darkness is receding. The days will get a little longer- woo hoo! No offence to those who relish in the darkness. Good for you! I wish these short days didn’t kick the ever living snot out of my energy reserves, but they do- so this twinkle of hope that the light is seeping back in makes me feel just a little better about the 5 more months of the snow and dirt and dead trees we have to endure in this winter “wonderland”. Ugh.

I read several times this week that astrologically this would be the easiest week. Well, for those of us being stricken by hard aspects to our natal charts, an announcement like that can be disheartening and frustrating. Without the personal astrology of it all this can be a very trying time of year for people, so being told that your supposed to be breezing through it is fairly insensitive. If you are having a challenging time take this full Moon message to heart.

Whatever you set in motion during the New Moon is being lit up now. It needs to be nurtured and nourished as do you. Because the Full Moon is at zero degrees, be patient, the fruit of the New Moon is too young to pick, it needs more love and time. We have had Jupiter oozing notions of abundance, optimism and indulgence, but Saturn and this Full Moon are calling for pragmatism, realism and integrity. Purge your world of things that no longer nourish your heart and share your love with those who deserve it. Take the extra moment to show kindness and work to suppress judgement. Love and patience with yourself and others will help us all to make it through this with some deserved optimism, rather than the canned Christmas music type. Happy Solstice! Happy Holidays!Be kind to yourselves.