New Year, New You…

Date: December 31, 2018

Happy New Year! 2019 is rushing in…kinda. All I’m here to say is- hold off on the resolutions for a few days. Mars is moving into its own sign this evening (in this neck of the woods), and that means a fire will be lit under our butts. Saturn is in its own sign of Capricorn, so the attraction to making pragmatic changes will feel natural and the Sun is cozied up to Saturn shining a light on what we’re lacking in the ‘being a grown up” department. But then there’s Jupiter dancing away in optimistic Sagittarius telling us “You Can Do IT!” Well we can, just not right now.

The Moon is finishing it’s cycle, and Venus and Mercury are going to change signs before the first week of January draws to a close, so change is on the agenda but starting now will only lead to disappointment and frustration with yourself.¬†Self-honesty and realistic expectations will win the resolution game, focusing on your physical well being like exercise will be rewarding, and show results. Jupiter will be whispering in your ear to do it all and at full capacity, tell him to “shut-up”- you know what your healthy limits are and if you don’t it will be the perfect time to figure it out. I’ll post more on this upcoming New Moon and planetary shift later in the week.

Spend the next few days doing some research and making a realistic plan, and once the New Moon perfects on Saturday evening, moving forward will have more positive results.

Happy New Year! Thanks for reading my words. Be kind you yourselves. XO