New Moon New Year

Date: January 4, 2019

Happy New Year again! This New Moon feels more like a new year than January 1st did. I also feel this is an important beginning that will carry us through the next couple of years. We’ve gotten a taste of strong Saturn energy for the whole of 2018- since Saturn went into it’s own sign of Capricorn last December. The sense I’ve had from many people’s social media is 2018 was hard- it was for me. I felt like many times the fun got sucked right outta life. Don’t get me wrong, I had some great experiences and laughs- I met some incredible people and loved what I learned about myself and others, but I was taken to task, which is what Saturn does. I felt like there was a price to pay for any levity and some days, that price did not feel like a bargain. To me, last year served to shake us up and get us accustomed to a new sense of responsibility: to ourselves, loved ones, society – everything.

So with that in mind, the New Moon Saturday, January 5th at 6:30 PM (MST)  is giving us the opportunity to re-calibrate our relationship to Saturn in our lives. What new good habits and routines do you want to incorporate into your daily existence? Do you have anything you want to re-commit to, or is there a part of your life where you can stand to do a little growing up? Tomorrow night is the time to define some of these things. Saturn is about restriction, restraint and discipline; it’s also telling us to make better use of our time and resources. Making a new commitment to yourself, especially in the department of health, would be good now. With Mars in the active sign of Aries, committing to regular exercise is a great idea. The key is to set goals and be realistic. Don’t let Jupiter convince you that you can handle more than you can, this phase is about self-honesty and hard work.

It’s time to shed what’s not serving our lives. So get rid of whatever isn’t useful anymore, get moving and make a plan to reorganize and streamline your life so you have more time to achieve the goals you set in motion. You can have whatever you want if you’re willing to put the work in and you’re not exaggerating your capabilities. Be kind to yourselves and encouraging to others and you too can eat the fruit right off the top of the tree.