Full Blood, Wolf Moon/ Eclipse

Date: January 20, 2019


The Full Moon and total lunar eclipse happen at 10:15 MST. I love this quote from a poem by Hanako Ishii because a lunar eclipse involves the Earth getting in between the Sun and Moon. The stealing of the Moon’s light in her time to shine makes me think of the earth as a jealous lover. This particular full Moon has a dis-empowering quality to it. Besides the Eclipse which has it’s own negative attachments and energies, and steals the light away from the Moon Goddess, the Moon is in the sign of the Sun in Leo and the Sun is in its sign of detriment, Aquarius. Sort of like having a parent in charge of a project but he’s injured and cranky, so he may not give the best guidance.

We have some lovely aspects and some possibly delusional ones too, so the potential to tick along like all’s well with the world again could blind us, like the eclipse, to the realities we’ve been trying to ignore. The brief darkening of the Moon will delay the light shining on reality; there’s a potential to feel very emotionally drained. I’m going to take the advice of Kaitlin Coppock and soak in a sea salt bath- that feels like the perfect way to shake some negativity, and take care of myself too. It’s rare that an eclipse hits planets in my chart but this one has the Moon very close to my natal Venus -less than a degree. Because it’s Venus, valuing myself during this eclipse is a potent exercise.

It’s important to shed what’s not needed, cleanse yourself and your space of things that you’ve outgrown. Be honest with yourself. Devise a practical plan to move forward productively into the rest of 2019 not carrying useless emotional baggage. Now’s the time to ponder what your connection and responsibility are to the collective and find a balance with that and how to take care of yourself.

Be kind to yourselves.