Danger- Risk of Over Analyzing Imminent

Date: February 4, 2019

Today we have a New Moon in Aquarius. Feelings won’t be comfortable or even make sense, which could lead to a disconnect between what the heart wants and what the brain can process. Emotions will be hard to even identify let alone process. This New Moon is asking you to be practical- intellectual even-  going forward. We are all meant to ask ourselves – “am I honouring social contracts?” With the Sun and Moon in the signs of Aquarius we need to analyze when the right times are for us to fit in and when are we better served by rebelling? With Pallas the warrior Goddess asteroid sitting opposite to Uranus the electrified planet of change and chaos, we’re bound to see further social disturbances. Pallas is in Libra so equality and fairness will be highlighted. Venus, which is the planetary ruler of Libra, has just gone into Capricorn, so we’ll see practical steps in terms of values and women’s issues .

If you have planets around the 15 degree mark in your natal chart, you will feel particularly triggered by the New Moon. It could be energizing, but based on the sign of this lunation – Aquarius, which neither the Sun nor the Moon like being in – and that the other planets at 15 degrees are Saturn and Neptune, I feel a real sense of being drained for most people. Of course the potential of the Neptune/Saturn sextile is to make dreams a reality , it could also be  a case of concrete, established things you may have taken for granted in your life dissolving. Both scenarios lead to the potential for fresh new directions, but you’ll have to shift you perspective in a positive direction to see it this way. Those of you on a high from happy Jupiter transits or an infusion of fiery Mars energy need to pace yourselves, as you may be extra drained when Jupiter and/or Mars move off your happy places. Those of you in the northern hemisphere – stay warm and be kind to yourselves.