New Moon, Mercury Retrograde and so Much More

Date: March 4, 2019

There’s change a comin! A New Moon in Pisces on Wednesday is just a tiny slice of what’s going on celestially. Venus just changed signs over the weekend moving from Capricorn into Aquarius. I keep seeing all of these pictures of outlandishly dressed older women chosen to represent Venus in Aquarius, but in truth, when I searched famous individuals with their natal placements of Venus in Aquarius they were almost unanimously very classic and downplayed in style. Venus is going from one Saturn sign to another, so the biggest switch is Venus is shifted from an earth to an air sign, meaning that Venus issues get more “thinky” and idea based rather than the  pragmatic problem solving style of Capricorn.

What’s remarkable about the New Moon are the planetary shifts that occur within hours of its perfection. During the Balsamic hours Uranus will make it’s last ingress into Taurus meaning it will change signs and stay there. People who have been triggered since May 2018 to make drastic changes in their lives will see the way ahead now. Whether you consciously make changes, or things happen in your life to trigger change, life will move quickly now. This will be different for everybody, but the fixed signs- Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, Scorpio– will have a lot to look forward to.

Two hours and 15 minutes into the New Moon phase Mercury moves retrograde. So here’s the skinny on Mercury retrograde. It happens about 3 times per year for 3 weeks at a time. Each year its 3 retrograde cycles occur in the same element (Fire, Air, Earth, Water). Each planet has signs it performs well in and others that it doesn’t. So, Mercury is in Pisces and it does not perform well in Pisces, it’s the sign of its detriment. The last time Mercury was retrograde its full cycle in Pisces was Feb/March 2013 and it was a mess. I was taking online classes and things crashed, emails vanished, homework didn’t save and would evaporate into the internet ether. There were miss communications and a lot of stress. When Mercury retrograde comes up, a friend of mine always says “I don’t usually notice it…except that ONE time” and the Mercury in Pisces retrograde of 2013 is what she’s referring to. Don’t panic- being aware of it can diffuse a lot of stress. If you have Mercury in Pisces (or another water sign) in your natal chart this can be a productive time for you. If you have Mercury Rx in your chart natally, use this next three weeks to launch into music, a creative project or further explore your psychic talents.

With the New Moon in Pisces and conjunct Neptune connecting to spirit is a beautiful use of this Moon energy. This is an emotional lunation, so for those of us who are not watery, it could be a lot. All I can say is that the odds of life looking the same at the end of the week as it did at the beginning are slim. The message from all of this is to flexible….stay fluid and open to what’s ahead. Research what you read, because bullshit and fake News is the worst product of this energy.

Be kind to yourself.