Air Sign Horoscopes for the Rest of March, 2019

Date: March 11, 2019

Air Signs- Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

Thank the Goddesses that Venus is in Aquarius. She’s breathing some vitality into you air signs. You’ve likely felt bogged down and heavy. This can make your brains stagnant making work and creativity very difficult. You may all feel drained and emotionally overwhelmed. This will pass in a few weeks. Hang in there.

Gemini – Oh sweet Gemini. All of these emotions are just too much. They’re flooding in too fast to be able to intellectualize and may just spill out your eyes in the form of tears. It’s ok! It’s much better to release all that pent up stuff than to push it deep deep down. Lean on the ones you love and talk it all out, you know you always feel better once you’ve verbalized what’s bugging you. If you don’t feel safe enough with anyone to do this, I highly recommend a journal to write it all down in or start a video journal. This gives you the opportunity to talk without being interrupted. With Mercury (your boss planet) retrograde right now it’s very easy to go inward and get lost in the emotional muck, but don’t let it suck you under. Get lost in a good book instead, geek out on a new app, find something that takes you away from wallowing. Reorganizing is also a great use of the current astro vibes and a very good exercise in releasing old crap. Try it, meanwhile tell that nagging inner voice to shut it! You need a break.

Libra – It’s a matter of com ci com ca, as the French say- a little of this and a little of that. On one hand you’re feeling good and you look great, on the other hand people are a mess and although you want to be a good friend, you’re not good with too much emotion, it’s overwhelming and just not … comfortable. Everything around you seems to have gotten ugly with disagreements and outrage and you’re spinning in circles trying to see both sides of every argument. It’s just easier to tap out at this point. All you can do right now is try your best. Things aren’t designed to go smoothly, so learn from what you can, and don’t get too frustrated with yourself or others, it won’t accomplish anything. It’s definitely a time to try new methods to see what you get- adjustments and course corrections are meant to be a source of learning. During this time, do things that make you feel good about yourself. Little moments of indulgence will keep you sane.

Aquarius – With all the energetic shifts you’re probably very drained. You, like your air siblings, are overwhelmed by all the water. None of you thrive in the watery brand of emotionality, but your gift is the ability to check out. Many of you choose to live in your heads and this is a coping mechanism. The trick of this is it becomes harder and harder to rejoin this dimension and therefor exhausting when you do. Try to ration your reserves. Be selective who you share with and what you spend your time on. If you find time getting away from you, you’re spending too much time in your safe space. Get enough rest, remember to eat and check in with loved ones- all of these things take a hit when you’re escaping reality and it’s you who suffers in the end. Find ways in reality to feel safe and your health will thank you. Venus is dancing through your sign for the next few weeks, so connect with Venus energy to express yourself. Socialize with like-minded people, and explore new ideas of beauty and self-expression.