Earth Sign Horoscopes for the Rest of March, 2019

Date: March 11, 2019

Earth Signs- Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

There’s plenty of earth energy now. Most earth signs appreciate the grounding of it all. What’s uncomfortable can be all the emotional flow in the air. It’s a good time to listen to those you love and also say what you need. There’s lots of good planetary energy to get work done, but the emotional stuff can’t be ignored.

Taurus– The time has finally come! Since May of last year you might have felt like life has been happening to you. A perceived loss of control has probably kept you frustrated and off balance. Whatever you’ve been flirting with for the past ten months can now move forward. Uranus is demanding change and the best way to make this easier is to make the changes small ones. Take a different route to work, try a new food – something manageable that you’ve wanted to do or try- now’s the time. For most of March you’ll be able to continue distancing yourself emotionally from a situation. It’s a good time to enjoy friendships and broaden intellectual connections. Both the physical and mental connections in relationships are strong now, but you might be finding it hard to express emotions. If there a deep need for emotional communication, try writing things down first, this will help you to get clear on what’s at the root of a problem. Expect surprises and try to go with the flow.

Virgo – It’s the perfect time to organize something, anything. Pick a thing and start. Do not watch Marie Kondo if your challenges revolve around organization, she’s like the Virgo curse for what you should do, but never will. Once you get going you’ll be impressed with what you can accomplish. Your thinking is unclear, you’re more emotional than you’re comfortable with and your inner nag is on full volume. Your dreams could be wild, and your memory may suck. Trust me, if you just get going on one tiny corner of your space and trudge through, you’ll be surprised at how quiet that naggy voice gets. Now’s the time to reorganize something you’ve been putting off. You could be presented with solutions to long standing problems. Trust that the solution is the right way to go. Action right now will be slow and steady. The vibe astrologically is a bit serious, so be sure to do things that make you smile on the regular, it’ll make all the difference in the world for your heart and mind. Healing Virgo Mantra: “I’m as perfect as I can be in this moment.” Be kind to yourself and use it when the nag gets too loud to bear.

Capricorn – Many of you are feeling like rock stars right now. Your only complaint is projects may be moving a bit slower than you’d like, but in terms of ticking the boxes and getting stuff done, you Caps are rocking it. There’s a lot of life changing stuff happening. If you’re having trouble shaking the past, don’t be afraid to take a good hard look at what you’ve been attracting back into your life. What didn’t you learn the first time? If this past energy isn’t going away, don’t ignore it. You have a tendency to throw yourself into work and disregard the emotional stuff, or you might treat emotions like a business deal- some things can’t be handled that way.  The best course of action is to allow the relevant emotions to surface- write, talk, get them out somehow. These things could present themselves as miscommunications or could be exacerbated by emotional confusion. Breathe and focus on the problem because pushing a tough emotional situation to the side while you take care of business will not make it go away. You have the opportunity to get creative, so don’t be afraid to work outside your safety zone. Not everybody is having the same experience you are right now, so be patient with those having a hard time, they’ll perform better without your typical brand of tough love. Gentle is the short term way forward.