Water Signs Horoscopes for the Rest of March, 2019

Date: March 11, 2019

Water Signs – Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces

An injection of creative energy is the gift to the water signs now. While all the other elements are feeling out of sorts with the intense emotionality of the times, you guys are able to go with the flow. The challenge is to not fall into comfortable emotional patterns and not deal with issues that arise. It’s time to come up with some new emotional strategies for some old hurts.

Cancer – It’s been intense emotionally. You’ve probably felt like you’re being pushed up against a wall. Balance has been hard to achieve and escaping to a safe place has probably happened more than you’d care to admit. It seems like it’s been all work and no play, unless you’ve taken the time to escape the grind. The trouble with escape is it’s very hard to come back from. What’s really healthy during this astrological time is you’re being given the opportunity to establish what’s really important to you. Re-examining what brings you joy and comfort and doing something about it is what brings sanity into your world. Let yourself escape mentally- daydream and see what comes up. You may be surprised at where your joy lies. Emotional maturity has been a focus since January 2018, and that’s usually not meant to be fun, but there are certainly ways to make the learning rewarding. If your emotional go-to is to take care of others, try turning that on yourself now and then. Understanding and taking care of your own needs is part of emotional maturity. They forget to remind us of that.

Scorpio – Your foundations has been shaking since May 2018. How have you handled it? Being flexible is the key to the transition coming into your life. Events are hard to predict and plans may go awry, but the changes occurring are necessary and healthy. This month things have slowed down, which will allow you to see where the pieces have fallen so far, and make necessary adjustments. Other people’s emotional fragility may be hard to take this month, but walk away rather than saying things you can’t take back. You may just find it easier if you spend some extra time by yourself to avoid unnecessary conflict. Use the extra time on your own to finish projects, play loud music and reconnect to your direction in life. The recent shake ups may have jostled loose some outworn goals and objectives and new plans may be in order.  Best practices this month, stop and take a deep breath before responding to those around you, it’ll save you from a lot of emotional shrapnel.

Pisces – It’s your time of year and the Pisces energy is strong. While many of us are challenged by the misty, watery, and emotional vibes- you’re digging it! Oh the epiphanies you’ve likely had. The beautiful psychic creativity of Neptune, Mercury and last week’s New Moon may have plugged you into the cosmos in a way you couldn’t have imagined. Your dreams are incredible right now and you’d probably prefer to live in your imagination than real life. I get that, but you have a lot to share and contribute, so make sure to record your ideas and impressions somehow. Luckily, Saturn has provided a strong anchor in this reality, so don’t be afraid to make your dreams a reality. It may feel like too much hard work, but the rewards can be great. Don’t be afraid to make creative mistakes now, you’ll have the opportunity to revisit your ideas and get the kinks out next month when your ruling planet goes retrograde. Free your mind and the rest will follow!