Happy Zodiacal New Year!

Date: March 19, 2019


Sun in Aries AND a Full Moon

Brace yourselves!  We have our Zodiacal New Year and a Full Moon within hours of each other.  On March 20th the Sun goes into Aries in the late afternoon here on the prairies. The moment the Sun enters the sign of Aries begins the Vernal equinox – the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere, and is the beginning of a new zodiacal year. This time always marks a new beginning- 00 Aries promises adventure and action. Even though we’re starting a new, there are many things left unresolved from the previous cycle. Although we may feel a surge of energy, there will have to be a few shifts over the next few weeks before we can truly move forward.

Astrologers can call up a chart for the moment the Sun moves into Aries, and use this to get an impression of what the year looks like.  It’s called an Aries Ingress chart. So, even though Mercury retrograde in Pisces conjunct Neptune happens during a small part of the year, because it’s an aspect in the ingress chart for the year, we know we will be dealing with the fallout of this aspect until next spring. This is appropriate since we have the not so common occurrence of the first retrograde cycle in January of next year also be in the sign of Pisces. What this means is that technological bungles, car problems, miscommunications, fake news and out and out BS will be a signature of this zodiacal year, and just when we think we’ve seen the end of it, it will surface perhaps bigger and badder next January.


 One of my early lessons in this latest Mercury cycle came right at the beginning of the retrograde where I quickly understood I had to be very clear in my communication and to create boundaries in my dealings with someone. I hadn’t connected the Mercury transit with the idea of Pisces needing to learn boundaries until I was confronted with an awkward business interaction where my intuition told me immediately to be very clear and create an immediate boundary. I urge you to do the same. Sometimes it’s extra challenging, especially in professional situations, to know what will be deemed unprofessional and what’s best for you. I opted for the latter and I’m glad I did. Creating clear boundaries in how you communicate with others in all forms of relationships will be a recurring theme this year. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. If you feel people pulling away from you, maybe you’re the one not respecting boundaries. Take a step back and check in with the people you’re trying to connect with.

Weird and Woo Woo

This may seem weird and woo woo, but another issue with this Mercury/Neptune contact is respecting psychic boundaries. Psychics, empaths and other practitioners of the woo woo arts are being plugged in now. Some may be discovering gifts for the first time, and others will find a strengthening of such gifts. Whatever it is for you, there’s a learning curve of how to respect other people’s energetic space. Work on it. It’s better for everyone involved. Once you learn how to manage this part of you, you’ll find most people are far less draining to be around.

Full Moon

Within hours of the Sun changing signs the Moon does too, giving us a Full Moon in Libra. I know some people feel that Full Moons can be crazy days, but I think this one really will be a bit wild. Both Sun and Moon are at 00 degrees of very active signs. In my neck of the woods the angles are also 00 degrees of the active cardinal signs and we still have Uranus at 00 degrees. This is energy that’s frenetic, palpable, and ready to burst out of the starting gate without knowing which direction it’s supposed to be running in. Hasty and ill planned decisions will be made. Because the Sun can’t see Uranus because of the way they’re aspected, and Uranus being the planet of surprises, let’s expect some curve balls. There may be lot of anxiety and no one knows why they’re anxious. It’s time to pay attention; this full Moon will shine light on what we need to focus on in the months ahead.

The innate energy of a Full Moon is the opposition of the Sun and the Moon. The point of the cycle is to find balance, and make adjustments to plans we made at an earlier time.  With having the lights at 00 degrees, we could misread the signs to mean all systems go, but really, we don’t have all the proper information to move forward successfully. With what I mentioned earlier about Mercury and Neptune, I can almost guarantee you can’t see all the mechanisms clearly. The point to this is a very Neptunian  lesson. We are meant to move about somewhat blindly, the purpose is to develop trust and faith in our intuition. Use this new cycle to set clear intentions and goals. Make sure to let all of the pertinent information come to you before jumping headlong into the unknown. Instead of leaping, try walking at a comfortable pace into the mist of uncertainty, remembering to let your intuition light your way through this new adventure. You’ll have all the information, but you may not have accessed it this way before. Be patient and kind with yourselves.