Mercury Retrograde- The Epic Saga

Date: March 29, 2019

I keep seeing posts about Mercury retrograde being over…ummm no. Mercury is stationary. The planet is in it’s least favorite sign, doing it’s least favorite thing (not moving) and sidled up to a most uncomfortable planet (Neptune). Of course, if you’re born with this conditions in your natal chart this is a great time for you, but most of us were not, so remain aware.

There’s potential to say things we can’t take back, believe bullshit or even weave a bit of our own deception- especially self-deception. In Horary astrology, (asking questions of specific situations) if Mercury plays a major role in the answer, it often represents lies, cheating, and theft. So Mercury, when not happy, is a bit of an ass. To add fuel to the situation, Venus has moved into Pisces. This is lovely- Venus LOVES being in Pisces– but this does not add realism or clear thinking to the planetary energy, it just makes the fog pink because we’ll be trying to see a way ahead through fog AND rose colored glasses. The message, don’t believe everything you hear and read, check in with yourself and your reactions- we can mistake logical thinking and emotional reactions at this time. Fact check.

The potential for creativity is really expanded at this time as is the ability to think beyond your usual mental limits, but committing to anything might be regretted when all the Neptune fog lifts. Take care of yourselves and happy weekend.