Fire Sign Horoscopes April 1st

Date: April 1, 2019

Fire Signs – Aries, Leo & Sagittarius

Aries – You may feel like you’ve lost direction. You can pick up speed now, but there are too many choices- at least it seems that way. Sleep may be illusive as your brain is working overtime with all the projects you want to tackle or decisions you need to make. Try to prioritize; it’ll make moving forward more productive. You’re chattier than usual and your filter may not be working. That’s fine – just prepare yourself for a little bite back from people who aren’t digging your honesty.  Then again, depending on what the rest of your chart looks like, you may just truck through the next few weeks unimpeded. If this is the case, be sure to cross your T’s and dot the I’s. Missing the details could kick you in the butt later on. Luckily, when Jupiter reverses, you’ll have the opportunity to review a few things- like how you actually wanted something to turn out. Just remember- We always get what we need, we just have to make sure we’re paying attention. Use the New Moon on April 5th to set new goals.

Leo – You were injected with a dose of energy a week and a half ago when the Sun moved into Aries. A bit of spring promise is just what you needed to get some groove back. That and a fiery Jupiter have held you up after a long bout of very little astrological fire up in here. Thank Goddess for the big ball of gas! With Jupiter turning around this month you may feel a bit drained again, but an opportunity lies in your ability to mentally re-frame an area of your life in order to set it up for success. I think sometimes when your planetary ruler goes into its exalted sign (every spring) Leo’s can feel over confident, maybe even a little bit cocky. When a planet is in this condition it can think it’s better than… If you feel this happens to you, dial that back. You’ll go into the rest of the season from a more realistic position and moving forward will come with less obstacles. Having your feet firmly planted on the ground when the Sun moves into Taurus will make the transition easier.

Sagittarius – Do you feel that most things in your life are a true reflection of who you want to be, or how you wish to be seen? If there’s anything in your life that contradicts your truth, there’s a good chance it will be removed at this time. If there’s something you wish to remove from your life for moral or truth seeking reasons now is the time to make such changes. Whatever is not reflective of your morals and ideals will be challenged, leaving space for a more authentic expression of who you are. You could be surprised by what comes up, but your being given the chance to get to the bottom of what truly reflects you. Embrace the process. Truth and honesty are at the core of your Sun sign. The Jupiter retrograde is a time for you to examine yourself and these qualities. While you often have no trouble telling others what you think of how they’re handling things, it’s time to be that honest about your own stuff.