Horoscopes April 1st-19th

Date: April 1, 2019

Horoscopes April 1-19 2019

For Everyone

Horoscope Overview – We’ve had some major shifts recently. Venus went into its sign of exaltation- Pisces. Mercury has gone direct, although it will continue to snuggle up to Neptune until the 4th and is still in Pisces which is its sign of detriment. If you can imagine Mercury as a small impetuous child, who is dressed in an incredibly uncomfortable costume he hates, and he’s travelling with a person he can’t stand, and moving way too slowly for his liking….how would that child behave? Now, put that evil little brat in charge of all forms of communication and local transportation and Virgos and Geminis… it’s a bit of a mess. Now he’s also the boss of Mars, since Mars has just moved into Gemini- it’s like the world’s longest Mercury retrograde, and will make all other Mercury Retrogrades pale by comparison for years to come. (I might be being a tad dramatic… or am I?)

The good news is, by the middle of the month Mercury will have picked up speed (which he likes) and will move into Aries, so Mercury and Mars will be in each other’s signs (mutual reception) and they’ll be working together, which means thinking will be clearer, life will move along at a faster clip with less glitches and the high emotionality of the last several weeks will tone down noticeable. What won’t tone down is the bullshit “news”, so the importance of not believing everything you read or hear will only increase as the rapid rate of BS may be quite shocking. On the 14th we’ll have a lovely Grand Fire Trine involving the Sun in Aries, Jupiter in Sagittarius and the Moon in Leo. If you have anything that requires creativity and enthusiasm, the 14th is the day.

Jupiter starts its yearly retrograde cycle in the first week of April and stays retrograde until the middle of August.  This usually dampens the mood. Projects, relationships, plans (depending on the house Jupiter rules in your chart) that have been moving along, may screech to a halt, or get blocked by higher ups, or put on hold for more important projects. Trips may be delayed, or some area of life may just slow right down in order for you to re-examine what needs to be done to improve upon it or make it viable. Since it’s Jupiter in Sagittarius we’re talking about, you’ve probably been overly optimistic about something and there may be a dose of realism hurled at you. Don’t be too discouraged, if it’s really important, you can figure out what you need to do to make the thing move ahead in August. There’s also a New Moon in Aries this week, but I’ll put out my usual New Moon post on Thursday.

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