Water Sign Horoscopes April 1st

Date: April 1, 2019


Water Sign Horoscopes– Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces

Cancer – I can’t imagine the level of emotional stuff you’ve experienced in the last couple of weeks. The last full Moon was a doozy and there was little astrological support for you. Of course it depends on the rest of you chart, but if you are curled up under the covers eating icing out of a container, I wouldn’t blame you. The need to escape or hide has most likely been pretty overwhelming. Unfortunately life goes on and we have to try to keep up. The benefit to a cycle like we’re in is it’s designed to expose things that are hidden. Although that’s not easy for the crab, it’s necessary and healing. I’m gonna suggest that a healthy dose of f*@! it may be the way to move through some of the stuff right now, and remember to ask for a hug when you need one. The New Moon this week will be a great chance to set new goals allowing for some much needed optimism and planning.

Scorpio – Just when you thought you had a clear path forward, you come to a fork in the road, or you realize you weren’t moving forward at all, but actually, you’re moving sideways. What do you do? I say pull out the map and figure out which way will actually benefit you in the long run. Use the New Moon on the 5th to set new goals, you’ll have to tweak them at the Full Moon, but initiating a plan will keep you moving. It’s time to be really honest with yourself about who and what you want. You may have an easier time verbalizing desires over the next month so use this time to talk to the people you care about. Don’t get trapped in your own mental loop, try to verbalize the important stuff. Most people aren’t mind readers, so using your words will help the people in your life know what you want instead of having to guess. Trust me, people working with all the information will do a better job attending to your needs than if they’re guessing what those needs are.

Pisces – Of all the signs, you guys are the ones who have the most potential to be pretty blissed out right now. Sadly, we are not only our Sun signs so other planets are probably harshing your mellow. Sorry ‘bout that. If you are a really Piscean Pisces, you’ve been able to dust off those rose coloured glasses and see the world from a beautiful vantage point. Opportunities may have been coming out of the woodwork and the potential to improve your life may have presented itself. The thing about Pisces is, it’s the most subjective of the signs, and by that I mean, stronger signs and planets can over shadow the Piscean flow of your natal chart. So, although part of you would love to see the best of everything, there’s work to be done and if we combine all the opportunities with reality, it equals a LOT of work. If you’re overwhelmed, hold fast, Jupiter’s reversal this week is bound to reveal to you what you need to get rid of, what’s just not working and what’s really important. When in doubt, get your feet prettied up, it’ll be a welcome distraction.