New Moon Bravery

Date: April 4, 2019

On Friday April 5th at 2:50 am MDT we have a New Moon in Aries coming at us. Moon in Aries is about being brave, initiating projects, trying new things, playing and looking at things with fresh eyes. It’s perfect for setting New Moon intentions and being courageous in your goal setting. You can achieve more than you ever dreamed if you shove fear and self-doubt out of the way and just try. Often, our egos get in the way. We’re afraid to fail, we’re afraid to succeed. All of it leads to change and most humans fear change more than anything. Not one person ever achieved their wildest dreams by playing it safe. The warning of an Aries Moon is to avoid being naive or taking short cuts. With Saturn in Capricorn, laziness and the easy way will not be rewarded.

While Venus is in dreamy Pisces, imagining more for ourselves is easy now, its action that’s hard. Having Mars in Gemini means we have choices to make and lots of people get paralyzed with the fear of making the wrong choice. If we could all figure out how to take that pressure off of ourselves and realize that mistakes aren’t that bad and they’re generally how we learn our most valuable lessons, life would honestly be so much easier. The first step is to forgive yourself for mistakes you felt you made that lead you down an undesirable path. Realize, you survived, you are who you are because of the choices you’ve made and you’re awesome.

Having Jupiter in Sagittarius, Venus, Neptune and Mercury in Pisces- you can allow yourself to be optimistic and dream a little. Aim high, but set up practical steps to get where you want to go. Saturn in Capricorn is sitting there saying “I want to materialize your dreams, you just have to set the goal and put in the work and I got you.”  Be Brave and be kind to yourselves.