Libra Full Moon

Date: April 18, 2019


The Full Moon phase is a time to harvest what you’ve grown. You may feel desperate to make changes – it’s okay to do so if you’re continuing something or picking up a project, person or hobby you’d stepped away from. Starting something brand new probably won’t go anywhere.

In the Early Morning on Friday April 19th we’ll have a Full Moon in Libra. This lunation is special and intense. The Sun and Moon will be at 29 degrees which is the last beat at the end of the Sun’s run in Aries. The Libra Full Moon highlights a desire to be more social- to reach out to people and connect. Relationships of all kinds are at the heart of this Full Moon. With it being at 29 degrees I predict a heavy dose of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), but it will pass. The Moon will change signs very soon after the perfection, so the intense desire will go away as quick as it set in, but the effects will linger for quite a while. The Sun in Aries in the last degree may create feelings of “what about me?”: feelings of not being seen. Honor those feelings, but remember, the goal is to find the balance between your individuality and your relationships: being a maverick vs. fitting in.

There’s an urgency to this Full Moon that may have you feeling a desperate desire to start something new, but this isn’t the best moment. Use this time to release what’s not working, purge and let go of what needs to be removed from your life. Once you’ve committed to doing that, the path forward will be much clearer, with less obstacles and stumbling blocks.

The cosmic energy is very active right now and whatever you commit to could move quickly. Just be aware that authenticity and self-honesty are themes. Make sure you’re being true to yourself. The message coming right now is all about BALANCE. The sign the Full Moon is in Libra which is all about finding balance, and the aspect that defines a Full Moon is an opposition, which requires finding the balance between the 2 planets involved. So the houses where the Sun and Moon fall in your chart for this lunation are the areas demanding you to find balance and get rid of whatever’s no longer working.

Before you go to bed tonight, get rid of something you no longer need. Do this with intention to move forward in whatever area this represents. Be sure to discard with love and gratitude for what the discarded thing brought to you.

Try to look to the sky tonight and remember to be kind to yourselves.