Horoscopes for May 2019

Date: April 30, 2019


Horoscopes are here! Astrologically I was personally getting my ass kicked in terms of planetary transits. It’s eased up a bit but all those triggers have left me a wee bit burned out, so hopefully these resonate. It was hard for me to even focus. To inspire myself I went looking at pictures of owls. I don’t know why, other than I love owls, but then I decided to pick an owl for each sign to illustrate this months astrological energy. I hope you enjoy them.

For everyone, this is an emotional time. Many of us are being forced to face our pasts and let things go. The New Moon on the 4th will be the perfect time to take a good look at what direction you want to go in next, and the Full Moon mid-month will unearth a lot of buried crap. Introspection is being foisted upon us (at least it feels that way), and that’s not always fun. I am approaching this by taking it easier on myself than usual and making sure to do things that bring me joy. If we don’t make an effort to self sooth through this heavier time, the energy could be a real downer.

By May 15th we’ll have 6 planets in earth signs- I’m gonna garden, which I rarely do, but connecting to the earth in some way is really important now. So I’ve begun planting with intention, and I’m able to watch those intentions physically grow, and seeing this lovely little plants take form has been therapeutic. I suggest to all of you you try something similar to connect with the earth energy.


May starts out fiery. You feel in charge if you’re not overcome with indecision. It’s frustrating because you’re out usually like that, but focus has been hard to maintain. Your energy comes in fits and spurts these days, so it’s important for you to find a pinch of balance. What will help is writing down a course of action, and then doing it. Don’t overthink it. If you need to tackle anything important, the opportunity and necessary supportive energy will be between the 13th- 17th.

After the 17th the pace is going to slow to a crawl and there’s a potential of being excessively emotional- probably out of frustration. The Full Moon on the 16th will be intense so pay attention to important emotional epiphanies about things that need to be removed from your life. It’ll be like a heavy weight’s been lifted. You may feel out of sync, but be sure not to isolate from loved ones: remind yourself you’re not in it alone. By the end of the month it may feel like everything’s all talk and no action. It would be a good time to take up a physical activity that burns some of the Martian energy- like boxing. Kick a bag not a person.



Nothing feels very consistent right now. This is difficult as there’s a certain amount of steadiness you count on. If you’re inclined to nail everything down in order to keep them from shifting and changing, this plan will surely backfire. You bulls need to finish what you start, but it’s hard to focus right now and so the finish line is blurry. A better use of your time is to strategize and plan. There’s a good chance that whatever you start in the next couple of weeks you won’t be able to finish. A minor crisis in faith in yourself and the meaning of life around the 7th is possible. Don’t let a nagging sense of self-doubt get you down for long. The questioning is designed to let you make sure you’re heading down the right road, if the answer to that is no- make adjustments. If, however, you’ve developed a solid plan -you’re golden. A surge of creativity is possible from the 14th- 16th and right in the middle of it you’ll feel like yourself again. Be spontaneous mid-month, letting things happen organically will lead to good things. By months end you’ll want out of that hidy hole and no longer suffering from situationally induced narcolepsy. Be strong.



Oh Gemini… I know things have not been much fun lately. Your brain hurts. There is not enough verbalizing that could make you feel at ease right now. You’re questioning everything and not coming up with any good answers. You’re most likely anxious and a little snarky. You’re ready for a fight and perceived threats surround you. Writing down all the emotions might be the safest outlet for you right now. Pros and cons lists can bring a needed dose of objective assessment.

You may feel like there’s too much pressure and responsibility and you don’t have the energy to shoulder it all. You don’t have to. Look to those you love for support: by doing so you’ll probably figure out that the pressure (like the threats) is perceived too- you’ve put it on yourself. Everything will look very different by the 21st, but if you’re too busy carrying the imaginary boulder up the hill, you might not notice the positive shift right away. After the 21st you’ll feel resuscitated. For the rest of May you’ll be infused with a bit of hope, you’ll make new plans and see new opportunities. It won’t be perfect, but but at the very least you’ll gain perspective.


This month could go a couple of ways. You could feel motivated and energized- ready to take on the world, or you could just feel triggered. You or those around you may be argumentative- you might be feeling like everyone is oppositional and defiant…maybe you’re projecting? It’s hard to tell, and it doesn’t really matter, you’re still going to feel the same way about it. You feel like people aren’t on your side and responsibilities keep piling up. The New Moon on May 5th promises a slower pace which you’ll notice after the 7th. Use the New Moon to make a manageable plan moving forward.

By mid-month you’ll feel like you have some energy and you’ll be able to do some much needed catch-up. If there’s an opportunity to go deeper emotionally in love or in therapy- dot it! You’ll reap the rewards for a long time to come. Don’t be afraid of the emotions, now’s not the time to push them deep deep down. Letting go of old warn out hurts will free you up for a fresh perspective and new adventures. Treat yourself to something new to lighten your mood this month.



You’ve had more energy in the last couple of weeks than you’ve had for a while. That hasn’t stopped you from feeling out of sync and maybe out of touch with what everyone else is doing. Nobody seems to be on the same page and they certainly don’t seem to be interested in doing things your way. All this could lead to frustration and a general fatigue- you’re just really tired of butting heads with everyone. This should finally ease up later in the month. Use this time productively by getting rid of everything that’s no longer working for you. It’s time for a total purge. The Full Moon on the 18th will illuminate what’s left to cut loose. If you already know hat it is but have been holing on for all the wrong reasons the Full Moon will make it it obvious to everyone else what you have to let go of.

Be brave. Don’t let your pride get in the way of making healthy changes. You deserve to be free of that baggage- even if it did come disguised as a fancy piece of luggage…it’s too heavy for you to carry anymore- Let it go.



Sorry Virgos. You got this Owl because that’s how I’ve been feeling lately. We Virgos could be feeling very alone these days. Things are either happening too slowly or too fast. Situations feel colossally important or utterly meaningless. You may feel challenged by invisible forces or feel completely ignored. It’s just plane uncomfortable. What IS comfortable is a large dose of doing nothing. Lost in your own thoughts away from the world may be what’s easiest, but that’s just a short term fix. Pick a project and get it done. The satisfaction you gain by clearing something off the list is immeasurable and necessary. When you need an escape from the pressure -allow it. It’s okay to take a day off. Escape into a good book, or binge watch something that stimulates thinking, while still letting you zone out from real life temporarily.

Mental clarity and inspiration will come around the 21st. Until then, push through the mind fog. You’ve still got some brain power left, even f it doesn’t feel that way. Be patient with yourself.


Have you had to stick up for yourself more often than usual lately? You’ve had a lot of combative planetary energy coming at you, and while it has possibly been motivating, it’s also been exhausting. Your eternal desire to find balance has been damn near impossible, which has taken a bite out of your regular form of charm and poise. This too shall pass, so just remember to breathe. Use the New Moon on the 5th to clarify what you want, what your true values are and whether or not you feel valued by the important relationships and situations in your life. The Full Moon on the 15th will give you the needed clarity to recognize what doesn’t support you and needs to be purged from your life.

Your zen will increase by mid-month and accessing your gift for diplomacy will be much easier. The frantic vibe of the past month will gradually slow down until you have some more amiable forces onside later in May.  You’ll be down right cheery for the last 10 days of the month. Make sure to spend quality time with friends to decompress.



You’re having a hard time knowing for sure what’s up and what’s down. People are confusing, you’re getting a bunch of resistance and you don’t know why. To top it off, you can’t seem to pick a direction with confidence. You probably feel like people are getting in  your way, but if you take a closer look, it’s you getting in your own way.

The Full Moon in your sign on the 18th will shine light onto what’s really happening deep down, and self-honesty will be very helpful in your ability to move forward. By the time of the Full Moon on the 18th you’ll have lots of watery support to help you process the emotions to be able to move forward.It’s time to streamline your life and stop living in the past. Don’t let emotional baggage anchor you in a place you’re not happy in.



How’s the intense self-examination going? There is plenty of driving planetary energy swirling around, allowing you to be distracted. If that’s been the case, then you’re missing an opportunity. This month kicks off asking you- are your ideas in balance with your ambitions and drives? Are you doing the things in your life with your highest ideals in mind? If not, strive to correct this. There’s plenty of opportunity for lovely distractions until mid-month when all the energy slows down significantly and you’re left alone to self evaluate. Ignoring the call for introspection could lead to a bit of an identity crisis if you put it off.

Its time to make sure you are on the path that reflects your highest self-expression or at least honestly moving towards it with purpose and intention. Integrity and self-honesty are the name of the game right now. Be real with yourself.


It’s time to clean out all the skeletons. You are being called to let go of the past, release what holds you back and reclaim your power. Maybe you’re the one doing the enslaving. Let go. The self-evaluation and deep emotional cleansing may not be comfortable, but it’s necessary for future movement. You may come up against resistance or opposition from people or organizations who don’t want you to evolve, but see this as a chance to evaluate the importance of the situation in front of you.

Maybe it’s one of your core beliefs that’s being held up for you to take a good look at. Be as honest as possible. This is not a time to dig your heals in if you’re feeling threatened. Instead, ask yourself -what’s really threatening me? Know when to let go of the reigns. There’s a level of trust that’s key now- you have to faith the outcome will be perfect so surrender to it.



There seems to be plenty of opportunities coming your way, but you can find little in the way of inspiration to do anything about them. You may feel mentally drained, fogged over or even weighed down. Whatever the feeling, it’s leaving you tired. Too much red tape or bureaucracy just leads to rules getting in the way. None of it really matters because you don’t have the desire to do anything move projects forward anyway. If you’re the type who likes to get your hands dirty, there’s some therapy to be had in the act of gardening or planting things.  Connecting to the earth in a healthy way will make all the planetary earth feel less gravitizing.

The New Moon on the 4th will have you evaluating what’s important to you and how to move forward in a way that increases your personal value. New life force will blow in later in the month and you may be flooded with creative ideas and solutions to issues you’ve been mulling over for some time. Bounce ideas off of like-minded friends and write the ideas down. You’ll be glad you have a record of them to look back on. Be patient, there’ll be more air soon enough.


You may not feel very social these days. Self-reflection and alone time may be way more comfortable and beneficial now. The desire to escape into your own world is hard to resist. On the other hand, you may just feel pushed around or at the very least- pulled in too many directions. It’s tough being the most adaptable one in the group. It’s important that you’re checking in with your own needs and desires. Don’t be afraid to make your voice heard. Things will slow to a manageable pace early in the month, and you’ll get the opportunity to make some headway in areas you’ve been avoiding in your life.

You may be butting up against some stubbornness. Be patient, but stand your ground. While you’re checking in with yourself, just confirm that the stubbornness isn’t your own. Not every issue is a hill to die on. The important things are- are you being true to yourself? Are you setting healthy boundaries? Are you being valued by others as well as yourself? You’re the one who has to make your life work, so make sure current situations honor your way of doing things.