Scorpio Full Moon

Date: May 17, 2019

Tomorrow we have a Full Moon in Scorpio perfecting at 3:11 PM MDT. Scorpio Full Moons are usually intense, but this particular lunation packs some extra emotional punch. The Moon and Mars are in each others signs– signs neither like to be in. Mars likes to take action but in Cancer can feel paralyzed by to many emotions. The Moon is all about emoting and Scorpio is the master of hiding it’s emotions, so the combination is emotional frustration.

This full Moon will potentially shed light on long buried emotional stuff. We’ve been in an extra long period of purging and that theme is carried through- even magnified – during this lunation. With Venus in her sign of stuff, beautifying and simplifying your space can help clean out emotional back log. This is an important time to rest and recuperate.

Raven Kaldera in her book Moon Phase Astrology calls this The Priestess’ Moon.  There’s something dark and magical about it. Things may feel very black and white right now, but that’s the illusion of this Full Moon. Try to see through to the subtle grey areas. Don’t be too quick to pick a side. This is a time of deep examination and honesty as difficult emotions will be revealed. With mars in the Moon’s sign for a month and a half (moving into Leo July 1st), emotions may be volatile. The full Moon is ruled by Mars and we may spend the rest of Mars in Cancer sorting out what this weekend’s Full Moon illuminates.

Be careful not to lose perspective, and be conscious of your reactions- they’re coming from an emotional place you’re trying to protect. Not everyone is out to get you. Be patient with yourself and others; there’s bound to be a little frustration going around. It’s a great time to plan and redecorate. It may sound trite but with Mars in homey Cancer and Venus in it’s own sign of Taurus- aggressive nesting is possible. I bought a new duvet cover this week and I can’t describe to you how unreasonably satisfying it’s been every time I see it one my bed.  Be kind to yourselves. XO