New Moon in Gemini

Date: June 3, 2019

This quote really resonated for me when I was preparing for this New Moon blog post – “The highlight of my childhood was making my brother laugh so hard  that food came out of his nose.” Garrison Keillor. Then I realized that this New Moon happened in my 3rd house which which is the house of siblings. The highlight of my childhood was making my brother and sister laugh so hard they couldn’t breath, and since Gemini rules the lungs this all fits perfectly.

New Moons are for making plans, this is when the seed of an idea comes along and you decide how to move forward with it. It’s a dark Moon so launching things won’t be seen during a new Moon, so planning is the best use of this lunar phase. The Moon in Gemini highlights communication, community, decisions, and information gathering, so if you have intentions around these areas it’s time to get to planning. Putting pen to paper is very beneficial now. Somehow getting your emotions out through words can really help with emotional processing. Often with a Gemini Moon – either in someone’s birth chart or in transit, there can be a lot of talking about emotions and that’s very healthy/helpful at this time. This would be the ideal time to start journalling.

If you have goals and plans you’re chomping at the bit to get moving on now, the best use of your time would be to do all of your research and get all the information you need to start the project.  It can also be a fun time to hang out with people you like to talk to. The danger is in getting stuck in your head ruminating over the things you perceive are standing in your way. It won’t be the best Moon to make solid decisions under because chances are, if you try, another option will present itself making decisions more difficult. For now, find out everything about your options. As the Moon increases in light, you’ll see the right path with clarity and coming from a place of knowledge. Take care of yourself.