A Full Moon Made of Big Dreams

Date: June 15, 2019

Happy Full Moon! This one’s loaded with big ideas and even bigger dreams. The Moon is in Sagittarius and the Sun in Gemini. This polarity is about grand ideals vs. the smaller pieces of information. It can also be looked at taking a leap of faith vs. waiting until you have all the information to inform your decision. All of these are important and the sweet spot lies somewhere in the middle. What’s interesting in this Full Moon chart are the planets in charge. Jupiter would have the final say in matters, being that it’s the final dispositor for all the personal planets (this just means that if you follow the trail back through which planets rule which signs most rods lead to Jupiter), but we still have Saturn in his own sign. It’s probably good since the only planet in a fixed sign is Uranus. Uranus is not a creator of stability and having some planets in fixed signs gives us an anchor in some area. Having Saturn in Capricorn at least lends a voice of pragmatism to the duality of this lunation. The probability of success at this time will demand patience as the planets calling the shots are retrograde.

During this Sadge Moon you could feel triggered, or just stimulated– either way it’ll feel like life’s coming at you from too many directions. Even though there’s a lot of activity swirling around, the lack of planets in fixed signs will make it hard to take projects over the finish line. Even if you feel like you’re working your butt off and things just don’t seem to be coming together, keep at it, life will look different in the middle of August when Jupiter starts to move direct again.

Because we’re lacking stability, this Lunar phase could bring on the desire to escape. There’s also the opportunity to see what’s actually keeping you in one place. We are often kept from moving forward by self imposed boundaries that only exist out of the fear of change or not knowing what’s ahead if we make changes. Now’s the opportunity to see which of these imaginary shackles can be untied, freeing you up to have new and more enriching experiences. Saturn is about creating boundaries, but if they’re triggered by fear they can just be a way to not experience life of even thrive. Are there any areas in your life where some shackles are ready to be removed?

It’s a very emotional time even nostalgic…sometimes memories can be what hold us back with this Cancer /Capricorn activity now. Some people may find themselves living in the past or trying to get back to a happier time, this is reinforced by the Jupiter and Saturn Rx. It won’t work. What can be helpful is figuring out what it was about that period that makes you think you were happier and use some of those tools to bring in a new kind of joy. Emotions are abundant now, so be kind to yourself, and gentle with others, some people are getting hit really hard right now.