Solar Eclipse in Cancer

Date: July 1, 2019

This week we have a solar eclipse / New Moon in Cancer shortly after Mars and before Venus change signs, but just before Mercury is about to station retrograde. It’s a lot.

The good news is, Mars will move out of Cancer, shifting the energy from being driven by our emotional reactions to a more outgoing and creative expression of Mars. In Cancer, mars is pretty miserable as it’s the sign of its fall. Mars in Cancer in a person’s natal chart can be really productive, but when it transits that sign, it can be uncomfortable for those of us who don’t understand that cancerian motivation. Mars is more comfortable in a fire sign, but Leo’s a fixed fire sign, so things will slow down a  bit. That’s a good thing, because it includes people’s mood swings. What comes with Mars in Leo (anything in Leo really) is drama. We’ll shift from people’s reactions being more inward and maybe passive aggressive now becoming outward and gregarious. As like everything in astrology, nothing is “bad” per se. Each expression comes with both positive possibilities and not so positive and even those categorizations are based on an individual’s comfort with the manifestation. Either way, things will feel different, like it or not.

In my opinion, Mercury’s still a little drunk from the party it had with Neptune back at the end of March and beginning of April. I often describe Neptune transits as Neptune leaving one slimed with an energetic fog that doesn’t completely go away, but leaves us altered. I feel this about Mercury. It’s like that particular Mercury retrograde cycle never truly ended and we’re heading into another one. This will be a great time to re-visit old creative projects, re-organize, re-negotiate existing contracts- anything that’s a “re”. Beware of miscommunications, hurt feelings, over reactions and be patient with your tech. Mercury stations retrograde on Friday the 6th and doesn’t go direct until August 2nd.

Venus is heading into Cancer magnifying our need for emotional security. People may just want to stay home and bake very pretty cookies. There’ll be a deeper need for creature comforts. Having Venus in Cancer during the eclipse will help people identity which values and valuables bring them emotional security and safety. What we lose when Venus changes signs this time is air. Once Venus moves into Cancer we will have no planets in air signs until the middle of September. A lack of air brings a lack of mental energy. We will be called to depend more on our intuition than we’re used to, and people may seem outright irrational- especially to those with a heavy air influence in their natal charts. I’ve been mystified, leading into this phase, how often I’ve over heard random conversation about people having to learn to breath more/more deeply/ more consciously. Obviously people can feel this shift coming. So breathe everyone. Deeply and regularly.

The Eclipse is happening in Cancer and is conjunct the North Node. Beware of over indulging, whatever emotional void you’re trying to feed can’t be satiated. It is a good time for clearing out emotional crap. The eclipse is about letting go of the past- especially nostalgic ideas that aren’t helping you thrive or move forward in life. Issues around mothers and mothering will be highlighted and emotions we’ve buried deep down- that we protect irrationally, may be put in our faces to be dealt with at this time. Good uses of the eclipse are to start a home organization project, re-examine your self-care routines and start a plan on how to nourish yourself- body, mind and soul. Ideas around emotional security will be highlighted, and habits- creating healthier habits- will be an excellent use of this eclipse. Because this is an eclipse where the Moon gets in front of the Sun and the Moon is in it’s own sign, matters of the heart are more important than ego drives and self gratification, and the lack of air will actually be helpful in getting out of our heads to focus on our hearts needs and wishes. This lunation perfects at 1:16 PM MDT on July 2nd, so Tuesday afternoon or evening soak in a salt bath and purify- releasing that which no longer serves you.

Eclipses are extremely powerful events that are not meant to take anything in, they’re about letting things go. I’ll write more about this closer to the Full Moon on the 16th. The eclipse on the 16th is an important portal into 2020. If you’re interested in releasing what needs to be removed to move into the next year with less obstacles, join us for our Full Moon Yoga release practice and ceremony.

Take care of yourselves. xoxo