Partial Lunar Eclipse- Take the Restraints Off

Date: July 15, 2019

Tomorrow at 3:38 PM MDT is the perfection of the Full Moon in Capricorn, it’s also a partial Lunar Eclipse. A Lunar Eclipse happens when the earth gets between the Sun and the Moon and blocks the Moon from being able to reflect the Sun’s light.

Eclipses are not times of manifesting, and because this Lunation is attached to the South Node of the Moon it’s like a double message to let things go. It’s about releasing restrictions, needless boundaries, hindering beliefs and negative self-talk. Beyond that, it’ll depend which house it’s in for you personally and what it is aspecting in your natal chart. Because it’s Capricorn, it is directly connected to issues around respect- self-respect, professional respect and a need to be taken seriously. What’s being blocked is how we nurture ourselves and others. There’s definitely a lot of nostalgia wrapped up in this Eclipse, so longing for warm fuzzies from your childhood is likely. Old friends, family or even lovers could resurface if there’s some healing to do. What may come to the surface are mother issues, whether it’s your own mother or how you mother. On a collective level it’s how we care for our environment and the planet.

Reflect on what was happening March 22nd/23rd. There is a clue in that.

In the next 48 hours reflect on where you want to be and be honest with yourself about what is standing in your way. Throw away something symbolic connected to events and situations you feel are at the root of these restrictions. Soak in a salt bath, smudge and/or purge are all the best ways to nurture yourself during this eclipse.

Sending you all love. It hasn’t been an easy time. xoxoxo