The Sleeping Lion New Moon

Date: July 30, 2019

The New Moon in Leo is exact Wednesday, July 31st at 9:11 PM MST. This is the time to imagine how you’d like to shine. Make a plan. Plant the seed. With the Moon in its dark phase and the Sun in its own sign, we need to be conscious of not putting our egos ahead of our emotional well-being. Mercury is still in the sign of the Moon – Cancer – and is stationary, so this week should be extra full of miscommunications and emotional over reactions (and forget about your tech cooperating). With the Moon hiding in the dark, the true emotional motivation of things won’t be apparent right away. Try and hold off on reacting until you have some facts. The mood is passionate (and not very objective) with the elemental concentration being in fire.

We also have Venus and Mars in Leo, so the Diva energy is high. Embrace your inner Diva, nurture her, but don’t unleash her at the detriment of others or your relationships. It’s tough to find balance now, so concentrate on self-love and taking care of yourself, but remember to be generous with others when it’s appropriate.

It’s time to make a plan on how you want to share your light and who you’d like to share it with. Leo asks you to be creative and think beyond your limits. There is an incredible amount of energy brewing below the surface right now, decide what you want it to produce. Plant ideas, allow subconscious seeds to come to the surface. A New Moon is rarely the time to jump to action since you can’t see the way forward yet. With 5 planets retrograde, action will be notably slow anyway. Patience is important, but with all this fire it isn’t an easy state to access. So for now, take deep breaths. Pay attention to the clues that present themselves around the 1/4 Moon on August 7th and by the Full Moon on August 15th you’ll know how to proceed.

We’ll announce the details of our August 14th Full Moon ceremony tomorrow – at the New Moon.

Be kind to yourselves. xo