Aquarius Full Moon

Date: August 13, 2019

The Full Moon in Aquarius perfects August 15th at 8:05 AM MDT. Aquarius Moon is about friends, fairness and emotional limits. When you meet someone with an Aquarius Moon they can seem detached or cold if you don’t have much air in your own chart. But the reality is, they can be the most supportive humans if it involves you being YOU. They don’t attach themselves to your outcomes and limit their investment in your emotional problems.

Thursday’s Full Moon asks us to honor this egalitarian perspective, detach from the ego driven, goal setting of Leo, and charge forward with no attachment to the outcome. The Sun is borrowing energy from Venus, so it’s easy to get caught up in the shallow side of Leo and Venus, but the Moon’s message speaks to a healthy sense of self-love, which allows us to love others without condition. Unconditional love doesn’t mean I’ll love you even if you’re a total asshole, it means I’ll love for who you truly are- but my advice is don’t love people who are assholes to you…

Saturn rules this Moon, and the Full Moon illuminates the release of what doesn’t work– so what self-limiting beliefs and behaviours do you have in place that are blocking your ability to love yourself and others? Are there relationships that need to be re-examined because they limit your growth, or make you feel less than? Now’s the time to focus on healthy boundaries and routines.

One of the traits of Leo I am often in awe of and sometimes irritated by, (I am a Virgo) is the Leo ability to take up a lot of space. Most of us- especially women- were taught that we need to be small, to take up as little space as possible, but now’s the time for all of us to take some space for ourselves- be as large as we need to be, to feel whole and seen. We are working on finding the balance between the egalitarian nature of the Aquarius Moon and the larger than life glow of Leo. Venus’ involvement highlights self-worth and treating ourselves with love so that we can turn that love outward. It also speaks to releasing “people pleasing” habits that feed our ego, and give us a false sense of friendship- it’s time to focus on authenticity.¬†These ideas will be the focus of our Full Moon Practice August 14th. You can register here¬†

Thankfully, Mercury and Jupiter are moving direct again, so optimism is returning and things are starting to feel like they’re moving forward. I’m sending a giant cyber hug to my airy friends, this has been a challenging time astrologically for us. With all the water and fire in the astro weather, we have been forced to sit in our feelings, and we haven’t been able to intellectualize them like we tend to do. This Full Moon will be a small reprieve until the air returns in September. Until then remember to breathe.

Be kind to yourselves and hug your true friends. Let them know how important they are to you. xo