Virgo New Moon

Date: August 30, 2019

Sorry I’m a little late on this New Moon post. I’ve been overwhelmed and uninspired. Yesterday was a big birthday for me, and I’m not impressed. I’m just not sure how I got to be 50 this fast. Anyway.

It’s a New Moon in Virgo but it’s not just the Sun and Moon there- Mars, Venus and Mercury have joined the party. There’s a lot of self improvement to do. It’s time to streamline all of the things. Clean up all of the things. Better diet, healthier routine, improve organization…all of it. Virgo is all about efficiency and accuracy, so figure out how to get it right- whatever area Virgo rules in your life, most of the planets are telling you to figure it the eff out. It’s pretty simple really- just like Virgo.

True- Virgo energy wants things to be simply perfect and to have everything fit together seamlessly. The downfall to this is that perfection is not possible, so that Virgo stuff can often just end up let down and fussy, and Virgos are like that more towards themselves than with others.

So make some intentions around simplifying your routines and cleaning up your diet and that’s a good Virgo start. Be aware, those around you may be bitten by the nit picky bug…try not to throat punch them. Namaste.

Especially with all this Virgo, be kind to yourselves. xoxo