This Pisces Full Moon is Critical

Date: September 10, 2019

Friday the 13th is punctuated by a 21 degrees Pisces Full Moon and decisions are critical. First of all we have the Moon opposing the Sun in critical Virgo. Listen, I’m a Sun in Virgo, and I can definitely be critical, but the thing of this Full Moon is, while the Sun and Moon perfect their opposition, Venus and Mercury are both at 29 degrees of the sign, and 29 is a critical degree, so it’s not just about the act of being critical, this lunation highlights a critical time.

So let’s just talk about this last few weeks- all of the personal planets have been passing through Virgo – Mercury, Venus, Mars, the Sun and 2 weeks ago we had a New Moon in Virgo. I feel like someone amped up my Virgo to 11- that New Moon happened exactly on my Sun. Take the preparation for this post – I was looking for a lovely Pisces image to add and I couldn’t find a proper image of Pisces. If you look at the symbol – 2 crescent’s back to back with a line attaching them- this symbolizes the constellation, when drawn out, is 2 fish swimming away from each other tethered by a cord. 99% of the images I searched showed fish swimming towards each other, or chasing each other in an infinite circle….nope. Swimming away…THEY’RE SUPPOSED TO BE SWIMMING AWAY FROM EACH OTHER! *Sigh* So if your Virgo stuff is being triggered…I’m sorry, cause I get it.

I’m having 2 other major transits creating the opposite effect of things being perfect or precise or efficient. Uranus and Neptune are running amok. I’m fuzzy, tired, my memory sucks, and nothing is going as planned. There’s a surprise/disappointment around every corner. Super fun at a time when I’m dying inside to have everything be perfect, to have the time to do things just right – and it’s chaos. But this shit happens, thank-the Goddesses Astrology gives us a timeline.

There are a few remarkable things during this Full Moon. Not only is the Moon still in range of Neptune, but Jupiter and Mars are making an uncomfortable configuration with the Sea God too. So keeping in mind the energy of the full Moon is to have things illuminated in order to release what no longer works, the theme of release here is emotional illusion/delusion. Let that discerning Virgo Sun help you see what’s not working efficiently, or assimilating into the life you want to live. You might feel extra analytical and, over-thinking things more than you typically do. This T-square between Neptune Jupiter and Mars creates stress, but also brings with it an element of indecisiveness. The key is to talk it out, make a prose and cons list, make sure you have all the relevant information, then make a decision. Don’t let over optimism get in your way. Organize your thoughts and priorities.

Because Venus and Mercury are at the 29th degree, a change is coming that you may not have any control over, so it’s time to wrap something up before you let it go. Things will lighten up by Saturday when both Venus and Mercury have moved into Libra and we finally have some air back. I can’t wait!

Be kind to yourselves and remember this mantra “I’m as perfect as I can be IN THIS MOMENT.”



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