Mercury’s in Scorpio and We’re Going Deep

Date: October 3, 2019

Things are about to get real – Mercury’s just gone into Scorpio, and Venus will join in 5 days. But before Venus moves, Mars will ingress into Libra. Mars being in detriment will have an affect (effect) on how we experience Mercury and Venus in Mars’ sign. Mercury and Venus both prefer to be in gentler signs so this mash up could feel pretty tense to some people.

Mars in it’s own sign of Aries is bold and direct, it doesn’t hesitate to act quite impulsively and thoughtlessly by nature- but that’s Mars in it’s glory. When it moves into the opposite sign of Libra, the problem comes from the nature of Libra- concerned with what others think, Libra needs to consider this before it acts. So, in Libra, Mars is frustrated and badly behaved. Now our planet of communication and then our planet of love, romance, and values are answering to a frustrated fighter. 

On the bright side, Venus and Mars are in each others signs (mutual reception). This means they’ll be working together, and this can play out in deeper  personal connections, heightened intimacy and an ability to get to the core of what your heart actually desires in the areas Venus and Mars rule in your chart.  With Mercury in the same sign as Venus, the potential to be able to communicate your desires to others is possible- BUT remember, Mercury goes retrograde at the end of the month.

On top of everything Mars will oppose Chiron, which its ruling, so a swell of emotional reactions and hurt feelings could be a danger. Finding a balance between moving forward in a more authentic way vs. holding on to old emotional pain can be a theme. I anticipate some people may just pick fights to get to the deep dark center of what Mercury and Venus are looking for. The potential benefits of this opposition are therapeutic breakthroughs and emotional catharsis.

Venus and Mercury will oppose Uranus…you know Uranus, that easy going harmonious influence…the planet that rules lightening, earth quakes, shocking events…no biggie. So Imma say some surprises or shocks may be in the near future for some. The news reel should be fun!

I don’t know about you, but I can feel the shift already. I’m always tired this time of year. The weather change tends to knock my energy down. But I’m lower than usual, and it’s not just effecting my energy level but my mood is darker than usual. So the best way to manage these tides are to be honest and patient with yourself and others. Listening is a great course of action, and purposeful breathing will help mitigate outbursts. Be gentle with yourself, keep reminding yourself you’re not the only one being hit with these planetary energies. 

This is all leading into Canadian Thanksgiving weekend which features a very emotionally intense Full Moon. Your mantra, should you choose to accept it, “I love my family, I love my family, I love my family… See above for some tips.