Woah! Dramatic Full Moon Ahead!

Date: October 10, 2019

Well folks, this is a big one. Full Moon’s are reputed to be dramatic already, but seriously, the potential for it this weekend – Canadian thanksgiving weekend – is real. The planetary energy is much more supportive of hot make-up sex than a family gathering, but that’s a generalization and all families are different so… I’ll try to shift to optimism, but I’m fairly cranky these days, so it’ll be a mixed bag at best.

This is an Aries full Moon, with the Sun in Libra. The lunation perfects at 20 degrees and 13 minutes. We also have Jupiter at 20 degrees in Sagittarius, which is a lovely aspect to the Moon. This can bring fun and adventures, optimism and getting together. Jupiter in its own sign can also bring loud opinions, and judginess…just sayin. Even though Jupiter is not in the same sign as Pluto, Saturn and the south Node, the four are within 1/2 a degree by declination, which shares a similar energy to a conjunction (when the planets are together in a sign). Because of this, Jupiter is not as optimistic here as it usually would be;¬†there’s a feeling of seriousness, and a need to let go of the past on some level.

The rulers of the Sun and Moon – Venus and Mars – are in each other’s signs. These are the sexy planets, so when they’re working together like this the energy has the potential to be quite intimate. Placing that vibe on the Full Moon has the message that we need to look at our intimate relationships and make sure there’s a good balance between “me” and “us”.

Pluto is at 20 degrees too! And it’s making a perfect square to both the Sun and the Moon – a cardinal T-square as it were. This combination asks us which aspects of ourselves need to be sacrificed in order to transform. Pluto in Capricorn brings the collective transformation and/or destruction of our material identity. We’re hearing A LOT about climate change right now, and this Moon will shine some extra light on our individual contribution. To take the pressure from the tension created by a T-square, we look to the empty leg. So if you imagine 3 things at 90 degree angles to each other, to complete the 360 degrees, you need to fill the missing square. In this case, it’s at 20 degrees of cancer. The lovely thing about that is it includes themes of self- care, nourishment, nurturing and family, so maybe a family dinner is the perfect way to hole up.

We also have Mercury sextile Saturn, which brings opportunity for mature, thoughtful and deep sharing of ideas and conversation in general. So small talk may be particularly irritating this weekend.  Anyone who likes to flit around on the surface of issues may want to just stay in bed.

So if we circle back to the energy of the Aries Full Moon – it can be selfish and tantrummy, childish, adventurous and playful. If you have planets or angles at 20 degrees it should be a trip. Be as kind as you can, remember, everyone comes with their own shit. I’m going to handle it by remembering the theme of the holiday which is gratitude. I live in Canada and I’m free and I have everything I need…I am fortunate.

Take care of yourselves and love those who love you back. xo