New Moon is Scorpio

Date: October 25, 2019

Sunday we have a New Moon at 4°25 Scorpio, opposite Uranus. This is a sensual New Moon with Venus the planet of romance and love in Mars’ sign, and Mars in Venus’ sign- Libra. Mars, among other things, is the planet of sex, drive and conquest. With the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury and the asteroid Pallas all in Scorpio, there’s a lusty Goddess energy. This is even stronger as Venus, Pallas and Mercury are coming together; remember, Mercury will play for whatever team it’s on based on the sign it’s in, so here Mercury has Goddess energy.

The sign of Scorpio is about death and rebirth, always searching for the potential for deeply transformational situations- creating them if it has to. This is why I love the symbol of the phoenix for Scorpio, rather than the scorpion. Imaging the Phoenix erupting into a ball of flames, only to come back and rebuild it all. Scorpio examines what’s underneath the surface. It’s about unconscious fear and hidden desires. This New Moon opposing Uranus will have us facing those deeper wounds, connections, fears and desires. With Uranus staring down the lights, it’s about holding on versus letting go. We are being asked to examine what’s holding us back from expressing our authentic selves. This lunation asks us to express our emotions in order to find our most unique selves. We may be drawn to deeper emotional connections. For those who are uncomfortable with confronting this deep murky stuff, it may be a time of lashing out and becoming reactionary.

The incendiary nature of the opposition to the New Moon may be heightened by the square between Saturn and Mars. This aspect will most likely increase irritability and an instinct to react before thinking. Proceed with caution, especially in emotional matters. Take a beat before saying something you can’t take back. This aspect could have some of us paralyzed with a fear of moving forward into the unknown. Saturn likes to whisper messages of inadequacy to keep us from moving beyond our boundaries and limits, while Mars asks us to charge forward, so the conflict of this planetary connection could be very uncomfortable for some, while for others, the Mars kick in the butt may be just what they need to break free from a restricting situation they could not previously shake. This aspect can cause problems with people in authority, in that they could piss you off or disappoint you. This is another situation where taking a beat before reacting will be very helpful.

While the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury and Pallas are all looking to make deep connection, it’s not a great time for small talk and light socializing. Mars is fighting for balance and propriety and is coming up against issues of commitment and insecurity. It’s a lot right now and Uranus is on the other side demanding authenticity and change – asking us to shake things up or it will shake them up for us. In some cases, you’ll feel like you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Mars is inclined to take action to create balance and Saturn is right there to make sure responsibility is taken for whatever the consequences of the action are.

If there is a situation where you need to stand up for yourself, now could be it – whether the timing is right or not, you’ll find out – you may feel like you don’t have a choice but to speak up. Identify who or what is holding you back and confront it calmly and with intention. It’s a potentially stressful time, so remember to be kind to yourself, try to be as gentle as possible with your words and actions. xoxo