Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio

Date: October 29, 2019

Mercury retrogrades from October 31st- November 20th in the sign of Scorpio. It has already been stationing for a few days. Based on what I’ve seen on social media, my own experiences and the swearing coming from my husbands office while he tries to do some work on our computer system, the mischief makers retrograde energy is already being felt. It’s actually in it’s stationing phase of the cycle, which is often more problematic than the retrograde itself.

Mercury retrograde is a good time to revisit things- projects, conversations, ideas– anything Mercury related. In Scorpio, it’s about getting to the deepest truth of the matter. Secrets can be uncovered, problems can resurface, but always, there can the opportunity to adjust the situation. With the Sun, and Venus also in Scorpio, it’s an intense time. Anyone who likes to just skim the surface of things may be pretty uncomfortable for the next few weeks.

The best use of this time is to revise, review and renew. You may called to solve a mystery. Mercury in Scorpio is the detective, so keep that in mind if you run into trouble – you may have to play sleuth to get to the heart of the matter. As always during Mercury Rx, double check communications and expect technical anomalies- be patient; we’re all going through it together. XOXO