Mercury Changes Direction & Mars Changes Everything

Date: November 19, 2019

I don’t know about you all, but yesterday sucked! I couldn’t focus to save my life. It turns out that Mercury stationed direct and soon will be moving forward again, and Mars was at 29° getting ready to move from Libra (a sign it doesn’t like to be in) into Scorpio (a sign it rules). For me, this resulted in a serious case of ADD while leaving me in a panicked state over all the deadlines I have this week. Usually, with deadlines looming I have no problem working hard and making progress, but for every 20 words I wrote yesterday, I typed another 25 into Twitter. As Libra is the sign responsible for FOMO (fear of missing out), Mars is action  and 29° can create a feeling of urgency…I’m blaming Mars, and with Mercury standing still, Mercury’s in charge of thinking, my brain was still. Whatever it was, I’m leaving it behind cause it’s a new day!

Mars in Scorpio is on a mission. What’s your mission? In this sign Mars is precise and focused. It cuts through bull**** to get to the heart of the matter. When we approach projects from a Mars in Scorpio perspective, there isn’t a lot of waste. Whether it’s resources, energy or time. Mars in Scorpio is self-determined and doesn’t like to do what others tell it to do. It’s sexy – arguably one of the sexiest placements in the zodiac. Mars here is also great for doing subconscious work, so pay attention to your dreams- they could hold a revelation! Mars here is self-contained, but with explosive passion seething just below the surface. Mars in Scorpio wants control. Should make for an interesting month and a half.

While Mercury is stationary in Scorpio things may feel stuck. Mercury will start moving again around the 25th & 26th. If you’re feeling like you’re under water, it’ll pass. Finish up projects. If you journal, revisit what you’ve written in the past 3 weeks and see if you notice any themes. You might finally feel like you can work up a good head of steam and get moving. Your energies will be scattered though, with Jupiter, Saturn and Mars all in their own signs, different areas of life could be vying for your attention all at once. Remember to breathe, and pay attention to your self-talk. Be kind to yourself – if you’re doing your best, that’s all anyone can ask for. xoxo