Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Date: January 10, 2020

This is quite the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse! What should be one of the most powerful Full Moon’s of the year due to the Moon being in it’s own sign, is actually not. During a full Moon, the Sun helps the Moon shine it’s brightest, but instead, La Luna is being blocked. 

In the Mean time, Mercury is almost exactly conjunct (the same degree as) the Sun, so it’s lending it’s energy to this lunation. Translated, this could mean we’re over thinking things. Mercury in Capricorn can mean thinking that’s overly pragmatic, traditional, serious and ambitious- so this could be a matter of letting your work and other commitments get in the way of nurturing yourself. Are you eating right? Are you taking time to rest?

This particular eclipse and the cycle it belongs to are described by Bernadette Brady like this- “ This family of eclipses brings with it the sudden ending of associations or of a relationship, possibly with a younger person. There is a large emotional component…a sense of traumatic transformation…

Having Jupiter involved says this is a time to let some things go in order to make room for opportunities. It’s time to conserve your energy– only keep the things in your life that feed you emotionally and physically. What we want to focus on now are things that we are willing to work really hard on that will have long lasting benefits. 

Transformation is trying to happen all around us. The tighter we hold on to what is no longer working, the more challenging the transformation becomes. This weekend we have Saturn and Pluto finally coming together. This event has been building all year. When you layer that onto this eclipse being the part of a lunar phase family that began in July, 2018, it says we’re in a time of an immense release of pressure. You can feel it- I’ve heard from so many people that have’t slept all week. Others have been pushed to an emotional breaking point… it’s a lot.

The New Moon (the beginning) of this lunation family took place July 13th, 2018 which was also an eclipse. At that time the Moon was in Capricorn, so we were being asked to be more grown up, take responsibility for our own stuff- maybe the message was, we could take care of ourselves by putting in hard work. The danger of a Moon in Capricorn both natally and collectively is a tendency to manage emotions- ours and everyone else’s- this can lead to eventually taking on too much.

What began then, would have become obvious at the first quarter phase of this family April 12th, 2019 which had the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Cancer. This combination highlights the tension between putting yourself first and nurturing others. It can also be about the stress created while being trapped between expelling large amounts of energy while forgetting to take care of yourself. So this Sun/Moon combination would have begun to highlight both the benefits and the challenges that began July 13th of the previous year.

This brings us to this eclipse. Now we see what has to go. What’s not working, and how you may be physically and/or emotionally compromised by over committing yourself. The final conflict of this cycle will come at the closing square on Oct 10th, 2020 when we can begin to close this chapter, keeping only what we need to move into the next phase of this story.

The best thing you can do for yourself right now is assess your direction from this point. In your plans include time to take care of yourself and strategies to improve some habits- streamline some routines. Committing to a plan is an excellent use of this eclipse. Think about something you need to release in order to move forward. Saturn is all about fear and limits, so I released a fear I know is holding me back. You can write the thing down and burn it (that’s what we do at our Full Moon ceremonies). Make sure it totally burns. Notice how it burns- how resistant is it? Set yourself free!

Take care of yourself.  XOXO